Trip to Samarkand

Shah-i-Zinda — photo 1
The Shah-i-Zinda Mausoleum is the foremost attraction of Samarkand. It includes majestic and amazing buildings of the 14th and the 15th centuries, foundatio...
Khodja Akhrar Ensemble — photo 1
Khodja Akhrar Ensemble
The Khodja Akhrar Ensemble located in Samarkand is especially revered by Sufi adepts. The Naqshbandiyah order was very influential in Muslim circles and was...
Chorsu Bazaar of Samarkand — photo 1
Chorsu Bazaar of Samarkand
One of the most remarkable attractions of Samarkand is the ancient building of the Chorsu Bazaar. It so happened that in Tashkent there is a market bearing ...
Settlement of Afrasiab — photo 1
Settlement of Afrasiab
One of the oldest urban settlements of Central Asia is located near Samarkand. More precisely, the remains and fragments of this settlement go round the pre...
Gur-Emir — photo 1
The Gur-Emir Mausoleum is a particularly significant historical attraction of Samarkand. Amir Timur, members of his family, his religious adviser and his fa...
Ishratkhona — photo 1
The name Ishratkhona literally means “the house of entertainment”. However, there is also a story telling that the name of the monument has undergone some c...
Koni Gil silk paper workshop — photo 1
Koni Gil silk paper workshop
One of the most interesting places you can visit in Samarkand is the Koni Gil silk paper workshop. Unlike other attractions of the city, there you are able ...
Summer palace of the Temurids — photo 1
Summer palace of the Temurids
The ancient city of Shahrisabz which is near to Samarkand was built almost three thousand years ago. This place is famous for the birth of the great command...
Mausoleums of Abdi Darun and Abdi Birun — photo 1
Mausoleums of Abdi Darun and Abdi Birun
The mausoleums of Abdi Darun and Abdi Birun are two attractions located in completely different parts of Samarkand. The first one, whose name can be transla...
Aksaray mausoleum — photo 1
Aksaray mausoleum
The Aksaray mausoleum is a very interesting place in Samarkand. The literal translation of its name from Turkic is “the white palace”. The mausoleum is more...
Mausoleum of Maturidi — photo 1
Mausoleum of Maturidi
The Mausoleum of Abu Mansur Maturidi is an attraction located in Samarkand that is well-known in the Muslim world. The easiest way to get there is from the ...
Rukhabad mausoleum — photo 1
Rukhabad mausoleum
The Rukhabad mausoleum is one of many attractions built by the order of Tamerlane, the legendary ruler and commander. The monument is the burial place of...
Memorial complex of Imam al-Bukhari — photo 1
Memorial complex of Imam al-Bukhari
The memorial complex of Imam al-Bukhari is located almost 11 kilometres from Samarkand. It was built for the 1225th birthday of this Muslim scientist accord...
Ulugbek Observatory — photo 1
Ulugbek Observatory
One of the most notable examples of the development of science and culture in Central Asia in the 15th century is the Ulugbek Observatory. The creation and ...
Bibi-Khanym mosque — photo 1
Bibi-Khanym mosque
The Bibi-Khanym (or Bibi Khanum) mosque-madrassah, one of the most famous attractions of Samarkand, was built in 1399-1404. It became the highest mosque of ...
Khazret-Khyzr Mosque — photo 1
Khazret-Khyzr Mosque
Oh Samarkand, entwined with legends like with vines of sweet grapes! How many amazing things have happened to you in more than two thousand years! It will j...
Khoja Ziyomurod Mosque — photo 1
Khoja Ziyomurod Mosque
The Khoja Ziyomurod Mosque is a rather young building; it was constructed not more than 100 years ago. However, earlier, in the 9th and the 10th centuries, ...
Afrosiab History Museum — photo 1
Afrosiab History Museum
The Afrosiab History Museum dedicated to the history of Samarkand is the main museum of the city. It has long been known that present-day Samarkand is locat...
Registan Square — photo 1
Registan Square
Oh, great Samarkand, the city of sciences and art, is there anyone in the world who does not know your most famous attraction — the Registan Square? Time...
The Siab bazaar — photo 1
The Siab bazaar
Central Asia is associated with architecture, fruits and, of course, with markets. Oriental bazaars are among the most popular places in this area. The Siab...
Khujum weaving factory — photo 1
Khujum weaving factory
The Khujum weaving factory located in Samarkand is a place deserving attention of tourists. Everybody in the world knows the collocation “oriental carpet”. ...
The mausoleum of Prophet Daniel — photo 1
The mausoleum of Prophet Daniel
Near the healing spring located to the north of Afrasiab there is the grave of a holy man who left an indelible mark on the history of Islam — Prophet Danie...

Great Samarkand, you were the center of the Eastern civilization. People knew about you all over the world. They looked up to you and were proud of you. And even if hundreds years ago you, an ancient city, were the center of sciences, and now a living museum, your fame still thunders all over the world.

History of Samarkand

Your story began so long ago that it’s hard even to imagine when. In the distant VIII-th century BC, you began your story, what makes you one of the oldest cities in the world that have survived to this day, on a par with the legendary Rome.

In ancient times, you were the capital of Sogdiana, which is mentioned in the Avesta.

In the III-rd century BC you were conquered by Alexander the Great and received the name of Marakanda.

IV and V-th centuries were marked for you by the oppression of nomadic tribes, and in the VI-th century you were comprised as a part of the Ephthalite empire.

In the 8-th century, you were conquered by the Arabs and became part of their powerful caliphate.

The IX-th century brought you a new prosperity — you became the capital of the Samanid state and an important cultural and religious center of the region.

Under the Karakhanids, you became a scientific center of the entire Mesopotamia.

In the XI-th century, you became a part of Khorezm and your influence in the world continued to grow.

However, everything collapsed overnight with the arrival of the brutal army of Genghis Khan. The barbarians have ravaged and destroyed you almost to the ground – only a few buildings remained.

All the hardships and misfortunes did not break you, and already in the XIV-th century you not only regained your former greatness, but also increased it. During the reign of the Temurids, your most magnificent monuments that have survived to this day were built.

The 16th century became a turning point for you — the Sheibanids took you in the battle, making you the capital of the Bukhara Khanate.

In the 18th century, you were devastated by the troops of the Iranian ruler Nadir Shah and for a long time could not recover from this trouble. Only under Mangyts dynasty – by the end of the 18th century, you began to revive.

In the middle of the 19th century, you were annexed to the Russian Empire, and during the Soviet era you became a tourist center for residents of the Land of the Soviets and some foreigners.

After Uzbekistan gained its independence, tourism in Samarkand became available to every inhabitant of the Earth. In 2001, many of your monuments were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Sights of Samarkand

Is there anyone, who doesn’t dream of a sightseeing trip to Samarkand? You, the ancient city, are filled with magnificent monuments:

  • Your pearl is the Registan ensemble, the main attraction of all Central Asia, which includes three significant buildings at once;
  • Bibi-Khanum is a majestic mosque built on the order of Tamerlane himself;
  • Shakhi-Zinda is mausoleum of mausoleums;
  • Gur-Emir is the tomb of Amir Temur;
  • Mausoleum of Khoja Daniyar, where the remains of the prophet Daniel are buried.

Interesting places and entertainments of Samarkand

Guests leave a lot of reviews about you, the great city. And during a private trip or group tour everyone finds what is to his own interest and like.

  • Esthetician is amazed by your sights and laser show at the Registan ensemble, telling about your rich history.
  • The gourmet will not refuse the offer to please himself with the unique Samarkand samsa and local pilaf on his tour. How cruelly mistaken is one who thinks that it is enough to try pilaf once to get to know it! Each region of Uzbekistan is famous for its pilaf, but your pilaf, the great Samarkand pilaf, is praised even in Tashkent. And leaving you after the trip without your brand bread is completely unacceptable.
  • Anyone who wants to touch the legend goes to your suburb, where the Hazrati Daud cave is hidden from outsiders. Here the legendary king and prophet David hid from his enemies. The cave itself, according to the legend, appeared later, when filled with God’s power, David tore the rock with his hands.
  • A seeker of ancient traditions finds it interesting to visit the Silk paper mill. Craftsmen kept passing on their knowledge and skills from generation to generation, mastering them to perfection.
  • The researcher finds himself surrounded by antiquity in the settlement of Afrosiab, where excavations are carried out to this day. The luckiest ones even get a chance to discover one of the thousand-year-old artifacts still buried here.
  • Those who love art do not miss an opportunity to visit the Chorsu Gallery of Fine Arts in Registan Square. It is believed that you, the great city, have a special charm, and paintings inspired by your views have a kind of magic. Every visitor of the gallery is convinced of this, looking at the pictures.

When is the best time to go to Samarkand?

You are always beautiful and attractive, the city of legends. In any month of the year you will delight your guest with your excursion routes:

  • Even in winter you keep warmth in yourself, otherwise your streets are warmed by the hearts of your hospitable inhabitants. The locals have long been accustomed to foreigners flaunting you in shorts in January, because in many countries the temperature of the beginning of summer is similar to your winter temperature.
  • Spring is the most popular season for tourists, because the scorching sun does not make you hide in the shade yet, but you can already taste excellent Uzbek fruit and vegetables. On the May holidays, your population doubles – so many guests are happy to visit you at this time.
  • Not everyone dares to get a tour to you at the height of summer. The heat does not let you forget that you are surrounded by deserts, but in summer you can enjoy the best melons and watermelons of the East. You will always feed each of your guests with juicy fruit and amaze with your beauties.
  • Your second most important and busy season is autumn. It is almost indistinguishable from spring, but has a special charm due to the golden crowns of the trees.

How to get to Samarkand?

Time on your streets, Great city, is not only relaxation, but also a real touch to history. Wanderers rush to you by airplanes from Russia, Turkey and Tajikistan, trains from Kazakhstan and all the same abovementioned Russia and Tajikistan. Visitors from other countries on vacation have to make transfers to reach you, but each of them understands that such a trip is worth any waiting.

Canaan Travel agency invites you to visit Uzbekistan and its most famous city — Samarkand. Rich Samarkand tour, a comfortable hotel and tourist transport will be selected by our tour operator in Samarkand and included into your travel package. And all this at the best prices.

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