Tours to Central Asia

Tours to Central Asia

The Great Silk Road has united whole nations, leaving a rich historical heritage. Throughout the legendary caravan roads, there were camps, cities, and countries. The heart of the Great Silk Road was modern Central Asia, which now includes Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan. The common thread of history has bound these countries.

Without any exaggeration, we can say that without the Great Silk Road our civilization would look absolutely different.

People say wisdom came from the East. And these words can be understood more precisely by simply imagining the achievements and discoveries made in Central Asia. Modern medicine is based on the research of the legendary Abu Ali Ibn Sina, better known as Avicenna, and science such as algebra owes its emergence to the great Al-Khwarizmi, whose name in Latin sounded like Algorizmi. Does that sound familiar? Right, the word “algorithm” came from Al-Khwarizmi.

Our region has made a huge contribution not only to science but also to the culture of the world. In general, sightseeing routes in Central Asia include many wonderful things. These are magnificent architecture and crafts, nature reserves, ancient fortresses, world resorts, and the history of thousands of years.

One trip, many countries

Do you value your time and want to see everything at once? With Canaan Travel, it’s possible. We will organize for you the ideal tour to Central Asia, a fascinating route to the greatest cities of the East.

Now you can follow caravan routes and discover Asia in a different way. The architecture of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, the majestic mountains of Kazakhstan, the sites of ancient people in Kyrgyzstan are all now linked together. Our unique tours use all the days of your holiday and show you the best of Central Asia:

  • the magnificent architecture of ancient cities – many monuments of Central Asia are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. For example, the historical center of Khiva is included in this list in its entirety – and this is the whole city;
  • warm waters of Issyk-Kul resort – the lake became popular even decades ago, and now, after a large-scale renovation, you just must visit this place;
  • snow-capped peaks of Medeo, the largest alpine skiing complex in the world;
  • history of different peoples of Asia – the events of millenniums and the heritage of civilizations are reflected in the culture and buildings of Central Asian cities. These lands have been successfully and without success conquered by the greatest commanders in the history of mankind, since the best minds of their time were living here;
  • low prices for the program – touching the culture of many centuries is priceless, but still it is nice to know that you will not have to spend a fortune on a trip to these amazing places;
  • safety and comfort with the best tour operator – your well-being is our priority, so we do our best to create all the amenities.

Tourism in Central Asia

Contact our travel agents and book a tour of the best places in Central Asia. Throughout the tour, you are guaranteed comfort, high-quality service, convenient transfer, and an exciting program. You enjoy your rest, we are responsible for everything else. We organize tours to Central Asia from Moscow, Nur-Sultan, Kyiv, and many other major cities.

The cradle of world science, the East, which keeps the traditions and culture of different peoples, is waiting for you!

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