Trip to Termez

Fayaz Tepe — photo 1
Fayaz Tepe
Fayaz Tepe is one of the places in Central Asia that indicates the existence of Buddhism in Asia in earlier times. It is one of the largest Buddhist temples...
Khanqah Kukildor-ota — photo 1
Khanqah Kukildor-ota
The Kukildor-ota Khanqah is one of the most revered places of Termez. It contains the ashes of Kukildor-ota, a Muslim figure revered for his righteousness a...
Khanaqah Kyrk-Kyz — photo 1
Khanaqah Kyrk-Kyz
The Kirk-Kyz fortress, which means "forty maidens" (not to be confused with Kirk-Kyz-Kala), is located 3 kilometers from Termez. It is assumed that it was b...
Hakimat-Termezi architectural complex — photo 1
Hakimat-Termezi architectural complex
Not far from Kala, next to old Termez, there is the Hakimat-Termezi architectural complex. This attraction has been formed over the centuries at holy burial...
раскопки культового центра Каратепа
Buddhist cult center of Karatepa
During excavations after the discovery of several caves near Termez in 1928, a structure was discovered that resembled a ceremonial place, a temple. The ent...
Zartepa city — photo 1
Zartepa city
The preserved features of the golden city of Zartepa are familiar to all residents of Termez. More than 70 years ago, archaeologists began to study the anci...
Settlement of Dalverzintepa — photo 1
Settlement of Dalverzintepa
In Shurchin district of Uzbekistan, 60 kilometers from Termez, there is an ancient settlement of Dalverzintepa. For a long time, archaeologists have been in...
Джаркурганский минарет
Jarkurgan minaret
One of the important historical sites of the Syrdarya Region of the city of Termez is the Jarkurgan minaret, built at the beginning of the 12th century. Thi...
Kampir Tepe — photo 1
Kampir Tepe
Within the Surxondaryo Region, on the right bank of the Amu Darya, the largest river in Uzbekistan, 30 kilometers from Termez there is one of the oldest cit...
Sultan-Saodat cult-memorial complex — photo 1
Sultan-Saodat cult-memorial complex
Sultan Saodat is a very ancient building near Termez city, which is a family memorial complex. Members of the Termez Seyids family, including Hassan al Emir...
Sangardak waterfall — photo 1
Sangardak waterfall
Not far from Termez, in the picturesque resort district of the Surxondaryo region, the city of Denov is located. Here is one of the most famous tourist attr...
Salt cave Khojaikon — photo 1
Salt cave Khojaikon
In the southeast of the Kugitangtau Range, located more than a hundred kilometers from Termez, there is one of the most "beneficial" attractions in Uzbekist...
Stupa Zurmal — photo 1
Stupa Zurmal
In the valley of ancient Surkhon, located southeast of old Termez, there is one of the most striking historical attractions of Uzbekistan — the oldest build...

Oh glorious Termez, you saw the rise and fall of cultures, saw the glory of Zoroastrianism in Central Asia, birth of Buddhism and rise of Islam. Your name means “river bank”, because your lands are spread on the banks of the Amu Darya River. You are located in the very south of Uzbekistan, far away from Tashkent.

History of Termez

Two and a half thousand years ago, the first stone was laid in your foundation, the ancient city of Termez. One legend says that Zarathustra himself, the great old man who was the originator of Zoroastrianism, brought you to life. You keep a long history of Buddhism, and to this day one of your sights, Zurmala Stupa, reminds every tourist of this on their tour to Termez.

Termez attractions

  • Hakim al-Tirmidhi Mausoleum is one of your main holy places, oh glorious Termez, it is one of the important places on the map of each pilgrim’s trip.
  • Zharkurgan Minaret, the pinnacle of creation of the architect Muhammad Serahsi, whose base is decorated with lines from the holy Quran.
  • The fortress in Termez, fortified under the name Kirk-Kyz, where, according to legend, Queen Gulyaim, having lost all her troops during the defense, gathered a new army of forty brave girls. And so the walls of a two thousand-year-old fortress were named in honor of the victory over the enemy.
  • Sultan Saodat is one of the largest memorial complexes of antiquity, which area reaches 4 hectares. One of the many nameless tombs stores the ashes of Emir Hussein, an associate of Tamerlan himself.

The best time to visit Termez

You present your residents and guests with a warm winter and a comfortable spring, you are a southern city, but your summer is harsh. Therefore, wanderers from all over the world prefer to visit you in mid-spring or early autumn, when pleasant coolness and good warmth replace each other during the whole day.

Interesting places and sightseeing in Termez

Many amazing places you have, oh centuries-old Termez.

  • Oasis among the deserts, Sangardak waterfall, sung in the reviews of your guests from all over the world, which draw attention to itself by incredible beauty of its greenery and mountain water.
  • Settlement of Kampir Tepe — is this the same Alexandria of Oxiana, the legendary city erected by Alexander the Great himself? Scientists find more and more evidence to support this hypothesis.
  • Therapeutic salt caves, curing many diseases.

How to get to Termez

Many roads lead to you, oh glorious Termez. Travelers, who arranged trips to Termez, begin to meet you from your central station, the airport, and someone from the intercity highway. And the trip by car to you is especially remarkable, because such beauty opens up to each of your guests on the way toward you.


A lot of people know about you, a city of many cultures, but during their excursions they want to know more about you. And we gladly answer.

  1. Is the tourism developed in Termez?

Glorious Termez has prepared many offers for those who travels in the fabulous East. The amazingly tasty cuisine of the ancient city creates the basis for gastronomic tourism, the therapeutic salt cave Khojaikon — for rest and recreation, and many fortresses and fortifications, founded at the end of the last era or the beginning of the next — for educational leisure. Besides, what tourist city will do without shopping? The Termez craftsmen will surprise any tourist with their handmade things.

  1. Do you organize tours in Termez? What about the documents?

Yes, Canaan Travel is ready to offer you individual and group tours. In accordance with your wishes we will prepare the best offer for you and best prices and help with all the necessary rare documents you really need.

  1. What about the hotels in Termez? Is it convenient to get to the attractions from them?

Termez is a city with a large history, but with a small territory. So almost all its hotels are located quite close to a particular attraction, so you can get to them quickly and without any difficulties. Some interesting places located in the vicinity of Termez, like Kirk-Kyz fortress, are exception from this rule. But it will be very easy for you to get to any tourist attraction, because Canaan Travel always offers convenient tourist transport for all tour or for a day tour for guests of our country.

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