Group tours to Uzbekistan

Group tours to Uzbekistan

Do you like company travels and new interesting acquaintances? Then the best solution for your trip to Uzbekistan will be group travel. These tours have several undeniable advantages. First of all you will be pleased with the price, because such a tour is much cheaper than an individual one. This way, you can see as many sights as possible at minimum cost.

Beautiful ancient cities of Uzbekistan – Samarkand, Khiva, and Bukhara – centuries ago were in the heart of the Great Silk Road, which played a huge role in the history of not only Asia but also the whole world. Each street in these cities is imbued with great historical events.

Once all these lands were endless deserts, now they are blooming oases. Amazing in its beauty architecture of Uzbekistan attracts tourists from around the world. See for yourself by visiting our cities with your family and friends, whom you can invite on a group tour.

Features of group tours to Uzbekistan

Of course, a tour in the company can be much more fun, because there is a place for different opinions, different questions and different assumptions from your fellow travelers. And it is great to discuss with fellow countrymen what you have just seen. The oriental flavor is fascinating and captivating with its atmosphere, so it is a sacred thing to share your impressions.

Those who buy trips to other countries are often unfamiliar with many of the features of the places to which they go. The East seems to many tourists deserted, lifeless and ancient, but all this is only partially true. There are really deserts between cities, which can be called lifeless, but such a thing can be found not only in Asia. The nature of Uzbekistan, like its cities, is extremely diverse and full of life.

Central Asia is famous for its hospitality: each city will delight with its unique gastronomic abundance, architecture, and, of course, its legends, which could only originate in the East.

Many legendary figures who influenced the development of the entire human civilization followed the routes of the Great Silk Road through Uzbekistan. But long before the appearance of the Silk Road itself, millennia ago, the cities of modern Uzbekistan began their history with legends.

Legends of Uzbekistan

Do you know the name Sima, Noah’s son? Yeah, yeah, the same Noah who built the ark that saved all life? So, it was Sim, the son of a biblical righteous man, who, according to legends, founded the first settlement, which later grew into the magnificent Khiva. And the settlement was formed around a well dug by Simom, which was called Hey Wak.

Another legend says that the great Tamerlan brought to Samarkand the relics of the prophet Daniel (Hodji Daniyar) when his horse suddenly stopped refusing to move from the place. Then the commander decided to build a mausoleum on this very spot. But surprisingly, the hand of the prophet began to grow in size, so the building had to be extended. The legend says that relics increases in size to this day…

And every city in Uzbekistan has its own incredible legend.

Pros of group tours

Uzbekistan is famous not only for its ancient monuments but also for many other things. For example, unique nature reserves, the craft of local craftsmen, jewelry for you, and decorations for your home. But, one thing at a time.

You like the ocean? It must be difficult to find a traveler who is not struck by the beauty of the vast oceans. But have you ever wondered what they will be like in millions of years? In Uzbekistan you can get acquainted with the fate of the oceans of the distant past.

Uzbekistan is rich in reserves, and you can visit them during your trip if you wish. And to visit them in a large company is especially interesting because everyone can find an ancient artifact literally under his feet, showing it to others.

There is also a charm in group visits to the workshops of folk craftsmen. The hospitable craftsmen will always show his work to the guests and give some lessons. In the company, it is much more fun to do it because the work-shop becomes a kind of competition – who will do better and faster?

Especially great can be to go to the market together with your group. There are so many delicacies, jewelry, and souvenirs that you can’t decide what to take, but you can share it with your companions so as not to miss anything.

How to prepare for the group tour to Uzbekistan?

All you have to do is:

  • apply;
  • choose a date;
  • wait for the group to gather;
  • start a trip!

Canaan Travel will take care of all your other concerns, as we value your time and strive to organize your vacation in the best way, without sacrificing time and money. This is why our tours are a great success.

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