Rukhabad mausoleum

Rukhabad mausoleum — photo 1

The Rukhabad mausoleum is one of many attractions built by the order of Tamerlane, the legendary ruler and commander.

The monument is the burial place of a person who was highly respected by the Timurids — theologian Burkhaneddin Sagaraja. Thanks to him, Islam began to spread and develop among the nomadic tribes of Turkestan. The wife of the mystic and theologian was a Chinese princess of Yuan dynasty, and due to that, his influence spread there as well.

The date of death of Sagaraja varies from source to source, and there is no accurate information about it, but it is known for certain that his life ended in China. Later his body was brought to Samarkand by his son who fulfilled the wish of his father.

Abu Said, the son of Sagaraja, ordered to build a mausoleum above the grave of his father. The mausoleum turned out to be rather modest, with one dome, without grandiose entrance arches and portals. That brick building was pale in comparison with such neighboring monuments as Gur-Emir and Aksaray. Wife and children of Sagaraja were also buried in his mausoleum.

The time of construction of the mausoleum, just like the time of death of Sagaraja, is shrouded in mystery and not known for certain. Archaeological investigations give reason to believe that the mausoleum was constructed in the 14th century.

Decoration of the interior is as modest as the exterior of the mausoleum. There are no catchy elements and carving in its design. There is a legend stating that Sagaraja had a metal box where he kept seven hairs from the beard of the Prophet Muhammad. When the mausoleum was being built, it was hidden in the dome.

Another legend says that great Tamerlane respected Burkhaneddin Sagaraja so much that each time, passing by the mausoleum, he descended from his horse and walked to show his respect.

There were many mystical stories and beliefs related to the personality of Sagaraja, that was why the mausoleum was named Rukhabad, which means “abode of the spirit”. From time to time, new buildings were added around the mausoleum; among them, there is a mosque whose architectural design clearly shows Chinese trends, which is undoubtedly symbolic.

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