Short tours

Short tours to Uzbekistan

There is an excellent offer in the form of Individual tours to Uzbekistan for lovers of traveling in pairs or solo. Just imagine how many positive sides in individual tours to Uzbekistan! You absolutely do not depend on the group, you have a personal guide who is always ready to answer any of your questions, accompany, show and tell personally everything for you!

You can choose the place you want to visit, and go there. No templates, no dependencies from date, time, group, transport. You do not have to jostle among a large number of tourists to hear the story of a guide or a souvenir dealer. While having a private tour – your time is at your disposal. Now you have the opportunity to stay longer in the fortress of Ark or drink water from the holy spring Chashma-Ayub in Bukhara, visit a light show in Registan Square in Samarkand and enjoy watching the city from a bird’s eye view, from the highest minaret. Khiva, Bukhara, Urgench and other historically significant cities of Uzbekistan will reveal to you all the secrets of the past times of the country. Each piece of history and culture will be at your disposal as soon as you decide on individual tours to Uzbekistan 2017. Many sacred places, monuments of cultural heritage of UNESCO, madrassas and everything you dreamed of seeing and visiting will be available to your attention.

Our best tour guides from all over Uzbekistan will make your trip unique and distinguish it from other tours. You will be able to plunge into the traditions and heritage of the east, having got into the eastern fairy tale and we assure, you will not want to part with this fairy tale! Do not be afraid to dream, boldly open new horizons, traveling and knowing the world. Never before traveling was as easy as we can offer you. Just choose individual tours to Uzbekistan, and Canaan Travel does the rest for you, realizing your dream.

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