Trip to Bukhara


Oh, Bukhara, the pearl of the Orient located on the Great Silk Road, which has been catching admiring glances from both travelers and locals for 25 centuries. The ancient city, whose center became a museum and was included on the UNESCO Word Heritage List, will you reveal your secrets to us? Even your name is steeped in legends. Whether it derives from Sanskrit vihara, “Buddhist monastery”, or from Sogdian buharak, “happy place”, it is beautiful. Your streets, full of sunlight and turquoise of ancient architectural monuments, remember Avicenna, the greatest healer of all times, Rudaki, the poet, Naqshbandi, the holy dervish and the Sufi, who tried to look above the sky and find the way to the Almighty God. Even sharp-witted and merry sage Nasreddin Hodja became the main character of hundreds of parables and anecdotes thanks to you. Today, choosing a travel package and going on tours to Bukhara, travelers from around the globe feel your light charm emanating from the ancient architectural monuments.

5 reasons to visit Bukhara

Why are you so attractive, the oriental beauty?

  • The architectural monuments of your historical center are so beautiful that they have become the province of all humankind.
  • The most delicious saffron and ginger grow only on your land warmed by the bright sun.
  • It is impossible to fully understand you, the beautiful city, without having tasted the real Bukhara pilaf — Oshi Sofi.
  • Your oriental hospitality is manifested not only through the generous dastarkhan. Even on the hottest day, you bring lightness and coolness to travelers and tourists in traditional Hammam baths.
  • Beautiful peri, everyone desires to preserve your image forever in their heart and on the pictures made against the background of historical buildings or even on the throne of the emir who ruled your lands in the century before last.

The attractions of Bukhara

You not only left mark in history, you wrote it yourself. Your past is immortalized in architecture and history of the whole Asia, and each private trip and group tour around Bukhara becomes an excursion into previous times.

  • The Ark Citadel rose as a 20-meter giant above your holy land in the 2nd century BC. In the Middle Ages, distinguished sons of your lands, Rudaki and Avicenna and later Omar Khayyam, were born and worked in the citadel.
  • The Ismail Samani Mausoleum constructed at the turn of the 9th-10th centuries made your land famous in all parts of the world.
  • Since the 12th century, the Kalyan Minaret has attracted the attention of travelers who set foot on your ancient land during their vacation and trade travels and became a symbol of your land.
  • Adepts of all religious confessions still hurry to visit your holy Chashma-Ayub well created by Saint Job long before the birth of Christ.
  • A special flavor is given to you historical center by three monumental constructions built in the 16th century around the Labi Haouz ensemble that in Persian means “by the pond”.
  • Your Bolo Haouz Cathedral Mosque was built in 1712, and the emir, who ruled your lands in the century before last, offered his prayer to the Almighty God there;

Oh, the pearl of the Orient, your suburb sights also deserve admiration:

  • The mausoleum of Bahoutdin Nakshabandy built in the 16th century was considered the center of a dervish order many centuries ago. Pilgrims arranged their trips to Bukhara to see and pray here.
  • The Chor-Bakr necropolis that was also built in the 16th century is “a city of the dead” with many holy graves.
  • “The Palace of Moon-like Stars”, Sitorai-Mokhi-Khosa, a unique monument built in the early 19th century, was a summer residence of the ruling emir.

When is it better to visit Bukhara?

People seeking to see you often ask: “In what season does your beauty reach the pick of its splendor and sightseeing is most favorable?” Still, only those who live on your fertile land know that you are always gorgeous: when golden leaves adorn you, when apricot trees are in bloom, in the summer afternoon and during a winter storm. In March, your guests can acquire a better knowledge of your traditions and culture during the celebration of Navruz holiday. April will greet travelers with warm weather (just like September and October), and May — with the annual Silk and Spices Festival during which craftsmen introduce everyone to real works of art. August will be remembered for the aroma of the Melon Festival dedicated to the fruit that is good both as a treat and as a decorative object.

How to get to Bukhara?

Guests from around the globe come to see you. They fly by plane from Kyiv, Minsk, Novosibirsk, Nur-Sultan and Almaty to Uzbekistan. It is faster and more convenient, but also more expensive. However, those who decided not to spend a lot of money on transport costs for Bukhara tour fly to sunny Tashkent, and from there they come to you by rail. Some even spare no effort and time and cover all the way to you by train. Whatever the journey was, you always greet every guest with your splendor.

Questions and answers

Many have heard about you, Bukhara, and many ask about you:

  1. I have already been to Samarkand. How can Bukhara surprise me?

You must not be confused by the fact that the great cities are located close to each other. They have widely different history and culture, and each of them is unique. Tourism in Bukhara is highly developed, but it distinguishes from tourism in Samarkand.

  1. What are the advantages of travelling with a tour operator over independent travel?

At Canaan Travel, we prepare an individual offer for each guest. For some person a tour to Bukhara is a rest, then we will offer him or her the best hotel; for the other it is a trip, so we will arrange an interesting excursion route.

  1. How much is the package tour to Bukhara?

It is disappointing when an obstacle in the form of exorbitant prices arises between a person and a dream. Our Travel agency has developed favorable tours for you, with reviews you can read to make a decision.

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