The mausoleum of Prophet Daniel

The mausoleum of Prophet Daniel — photo 1

Near the healing spring located to the north of Afrasiab there is the grave of a holy man who left an indelible mark on the history of Islam — Prophet Daniel, or Khoja Daniyar according to the Muslim tradition. This place is sacred not only for every resident of Samarkand, but also for people living far beyond the borders of Asia. Three different religious sources speak about Daniel (Khoja Daniyar), one of the greatest prophets of the humankind and Islam in particular.

The book of his prophecies, which he revealed to humanity, consists of 14 large and important chapters, which, most crucially, explain the truth. A legend says that Amir Timur brought the hand of deceased Saint Daniyar to Central Asia. When the commander was going to the capital of Maverannahr, the ancient city of Samarkand, the horse froze on the spot and refused to move on. Considering it as a sign from above, Tamerlane built a mausoleum for the holy prophet at the same place.

The mausoleum of Prophet Daniel — photo 2

The reconstruction of the mausoleum, where the remains of Saint Daniyar are kept to this day, was carried out in the 20th century. This place is so unique that in 1966, at a difficult time in the history of Uzbekistan, water in the healing spring flowing near the mausoleum was blessed by Alexy II, the Patriarch of Moscow and all of Russia. After that, the pistachio tree located near the mausoleum, which had long dried up because of the heat, suddenly came back to life.

As a rule, people tie strings and ribbons to its branches and make wished that always come true. The mausoleum of Prophet Daniel (Khoja Daniyar) is a true crypt that is about 18 meters long.

The mausoleum of Prophet Daniel — photo 3

According to an eastern legend, the crypt is constantly growing, so the length of the landmark will soon exceed 18 meters. Pilgrims from around the globe constantly come to this mausoleum because this is a place of worship of Allah.

Water in the spring has a pleasant, even slightly sweet taste. According to tradition, all people making their way to the mausoleum drink water flowing from the depths of the Earth and wash their bare body parts with it.

The mausoleum of Prophet Daniel — photo 4

They say that this water heals both body and soul. People from across Central Asia travel to this spring to get water. The area where the mausoleum of the prophet Daniel (Khodja Daniyar) is located attractions with its tranquility and beauty. In spring and summer, everything blooms there, and beautiful swans swim along the Siab River, which is located a few meters from the healing spring.

Canaan Travel recommends that you delight your vacation with a visit to the great city of Samarkand and the mausoleum of the legendary prophet.

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