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Tashkent is over 2000 years old. Many significant events took place here that influenced the culture of all Uzbekistan: the …


The sights of Bukhara can best convey the history. One day is not enough to capture all the beauty with attention, because …


Samarkand is famous all over the world for its blue domes. Legends were made about this city thousands of years ago. One of the …


In the past, one of the largest cities in the state of Khorezmshahs, the city of Khiva has a rich history and heritage. The sights of …

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Canaan Travel is a full-service travel company that aims to discover the beauty of the whole world for everyone today. We strive to bring the East and West closer together, offering travel to Central Asia for tourists from the CIS, Europe and America, and trips around the world to residents of Central Asia.

We work with both individual tourists and companies. Having our own air ticket office, auto transport and cooperation with the best guides and hotels help us to form unique offers on an individual basis.


The advantage of our service

Vacation in the cities of Uzbekistan all year round
Visit the oases of the Silk Road. Hospitable Tashkent, ancient Samarkand, beautiful Bukhara and more.
Incredible architecture, fortresses and palaces
See one of the greatest architectures in the world firsthand. The most refined mosaics of Temur's times, powerful stone walls of antiquity - all epochs are entwined here.
A thousand-year-old history from the tales of Scheherazade
Touch the depths of centuries - from the ancient fire worshipers to the empire of Tamerlane and the partner khans of the Russian Tsar.
Delicious cuisine, master classes and tastings
Try each of the many dishes - from pilaf, lagman and samsa to oriental sweets and the freshest fruits. And learn the secrets of real masters.
24/7 service and support
We do not leave clients, we are ready to help with any difficulties throughout the tour. Just call or write to us.
Best hotels
Oriental flair and western style, local hotels and international chains, great service and friendly staff. Hotels in Uzbekistan are at the world level.
Affordable prices
Tours in Uzbekistan are very inexpensive, despite the wonderful service. A budget week tour will only cost 200 USD, and a luxurious one will cost 1,100 USD.

Customer Reviews

We made a trip to Uzbekistan through the Tashkent company Caanan Travel. I liked the responsiveness and speed of decision-making on the trip. Uzbek friends made a profitable financial offer. Arriving in Samarkand, we were met by a company representative. All hotels on our route corresponded to a level of 3 stars. All excursions went according to plan, not one excursion was canceled. The guide from the Uzbek side, Shukhrat Kodirov, impressed us with his sense of smell and knowledge of history, he resolved all the minor issues that arose on the trip quickly and efficiently. Our company was numerous 28 people, and there were 9 children and everyone was satisfied with the trip and with nostalgia remember these sunny autumn days!
solo Traveler
Huge thanks to Canaan Travel for arranging the tour around Uzbekistan! We managed to visit several cities - Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Nurata and Muynak. Excursions were chosen very competently in terms of the fact that in Samarkand and Bukhara, we walked a lot, but did not have time to get tired of walking. People in Uzbekistan are very kind and sympathetic, no one has ever denied our requests to help. Everywhere we were offered tea with Oriental sweets. Our guides were very professional in the fact that we, as people of another religion, do not always understand the complexities of the East, we were explained everything very simply and clearly, without burdening unnecessary religious details, but bringing to us the history of Uzbekistan, the development of arts and sciences. In Samarkand, we visited the production of paper, carpets, embroidery, were in the Observatory Mirzo Ulugbek. People carefully preserve the traditions of ancient production technologies. In Bukhara, we passed the entire ancient city! That's just great! So beautiful! We were fed a delicious lamb baked in the "tandor". I liked everything: organization, excursions, transport, you are always in touch. Just please delete the hotel "AIST" in Bukhara from those you offer! Thank you very much for the trip! The whole voyage was in one breath and we were happy to meet your wonderful country we hope to come back and I will recommend your company to all my friends!
Alexander Shtzult
solo Traveler
Julia, I want to thank you for the wonderful tour in Uzbekistan! I liked everything: the organization itself (everything was clear, on time), and tour guides with interesting stories about each city, and of course, Uzbekistan itself. Thank you for the careful adjustment of the program under the client's request.
family Traveler
Julia, Thank you!You’re great at organising! Very good! Fantastic guides and very nice hotels ? think I will return to Uzbekistan ? Uzbekistan is a great country ??? so beautiful!
couple Traveler
We came from Finland to an unusually colorful and magical Uzbekistan, a trip was organized in Finland, which cooperates with the company Canaan Travel. All guides, drivers were very attentive and grammetic, Uzbekistan is a unique country in which it is necessary to go it needs to be studied, it is rich in history, culture and centuries-old traditions. Thanks Julia, very attentive to us, always been in touch at the end, we still received gifts, we were very pleased!
solo Traveler
Hi. Everything is perfect. Thank you very much for trip. Thank you (I mean all of you) for everything. It was a unforgettable trip for me and for my family...Thank you so much!
Serdar Erman
family Traveler
Hello Julia! It’s me, Toshi. Japanese tourist.Thank you for your arrangement of booking train tickets and hotel and guide .Everything was perfect. I really enjoy vacation in Uzbekistan. And I hope to visit again. I will definitely advise your company to other people, you really liked me!
Toshi Sakurai
family Traveler
Ким Чен Ын
group Traveler
solo Traveler
solo Traveler
not bad
solo Traveler
Foreign embassies in Uzbekistan — photo 1

Foreign embassies in Uzbekistan

Embassy of Azerbaijan st. Shark Tongi, 25 tel .: (+998 71) 273-61-67 e-mail: Embassy of Algeria st. Osiyo, 6 tel .: (+998 71) 235-52-99 Embassy of Afghanistan st. Osiyo, 6 tel .: (+998 71) 234-84-58 e-mail: British and Irish Embassy st. Y. Gulyamova, 67 tel .: (+998 71) 120-78-52, 120-78-53 fax: (+998 71)...
Шарк Тароналари

Sharq taronalari

This is one of the most unusual and largest music shows in Uzbekistan. It is held every two years and yes, in 2019 there will be an event! Translated from Uzbek, “Sharq Taronalari” means “Melody of the Winds”. It is held on the central square of Samarkand – Registan. History reference Initially, the purpose of...
Shopping in Uzbekistan — photo 1

Shopping in Uzbekistan

Each tourist should not only explore all the attractions of Uzbekistan but also take time to shop. Or you will spend your time in vain in this wonderful country. Fans of shopping should not go to the shopping centers along the usual routes, but to the markets – this is where you can feel the...
Cuisine of Uzbekistan — photo 1

Cuisine of Uzbekistan

Along with the cultural aspects of each nation, there are also features present in national cuisine. This is influenced by many factors and depends on what is growing and found in the region, which trade-routes pass through the country, depends on the taste, composition and technology of cooking. Since ancient times, every ruler, returning from another...

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