Thematic tours to Uzbekistan

It is impossible to cover all the Uzbekistan in one trip. Someone visits Uzbekistan for the sake of ancient architecture, someone for the sake of the Orient culture. For such cases, we offer you a set of thematic tours during which, you will be able to touch the history of ceramics in Central Asia, by visiting the Rishtan ceramics center. Rishtan ceramics are stored in museums in Russia, China and Uzbekistan. Here you will not only see how it is done, but also learn the history of ceramics of the East.

For gourmets we also have a proposal. Go on a gastronomic tour of Uzbekistan, taste the unique Oriental food. Old recipes of Oriental pilaf, Uzbek flatbread, samsa, naryn, shurpa, kazan-kabob! Each dish will leave a lasting impression. Every city of Uzbekistan, whether it is Samarkand, Bukhara or Khiva, has its own special traditions of cooking. Tashkent pilaf was never similar to Bukhara. Samarkand flatbread is known throughout the whole Central Asia for its unique taste and large size. Each city has its own dish, which can be considered as a main sightseeing.

Gastronomic tours to Uzbekistan

“Come on, people, melons are sweet as honey!” – modern advertising owes a lot to the appealing clicks of the oriental market.  The brighter the slogan, the more people will want to try your product – that’s really the engine of trade.

It’s no wonder the East is a land of amazing cuisine for many. And every country wants to prove it with its taste diversity. There is no need to say that gastronomic tourism in Uzbekistan is well developed, because if you have not heard about Uzbek fruit, Uzbek samsa and Uzbek flatbread, you have missed a lot in your life.

Every city in Uzbekistan – be it Samarkand, Bukhara, or Khiva – has its own special cooking traditions. Tashkent pilaf has never been and will never be similar to Bukhara one. Samarkand scones are known throughout Central Asia for their unique taste and large size, and Alatka samsa so amazes travelers with its taste that they will surely fly back to our country to taste this dish once again.

Each city has its own special treat. And inside each city, every oshpaz (a master of oriental cooking) competes for the title of the best in cooking pilaf, shish kebab, lagman, and kazan kabob. Would you like to find the tastiest? You’ll have to try a lot of variations. But to be honest, it’s difficult to name just one thing. I mean, every chef has his specialty.

Features of gastronomic tours in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is famous not just for pilaf alone. The country’s sunny fields and gardens provide incredibly delicious fruits and vegetables that literally turn the spotlight on the increasingly popular raw food. Local jesters joke that raw food appeared in Uzbekistan, because juicy fruits are so tasty that the best way to cook them is to eat them directly from a bush or branch.

And you’ll see for yourself when you taste the fruits of this land.

Each excursion route necessarily includes local cafes, where you will enjoy all the splendor of Uzbek cuisine. But only an experienced guide will tell you the best small teahouse in town, where you will taste a pilaf like no other. And you know what? These are the guides we cooperate with.

There is a special attitude to the reception of guests in Uzbekistan. The owner prepares the rich dastarkhan with delicious treats, oriental sweets, and traditional tea – the tradition of tea drinking in Uzbekistan is not similar to Chinese and Japanese, but also has several unique features. You should try it yourself at least once in your life.

Each gastronomic tour is formed with:

  • topic to your personal preference;
  • customized program;
  • by professional guides;
  • by responsible tour operators;
  • necessary security measures and 24-hour support.

Some gastronomic tours include not only all the beauties of Uzbekistan, including mode of life but also an introduction to the culinary skills of oshpazes. With special workshops by experienced chefs, you will see for yourself the magic of cooking local dishes and even learn some secrets that will help you learn how to cook your own dish.

New dish every day

At Canaan Travel, we know that it is impossible to try the whole palette of tastes of local cuisine on a short tour. There are so many recipes and ways to prepare the same dish known by ospazy. You can’t try the same pilaf twice. Each is unique in its own way. And it’s only one dish, even if it’s the most famous.

We tried to develop gastronomic tours so that every day of your journey you could discover some new food. And we assure you, our treats you will remember for a long time.

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