Every manager knows that the better the internal atmosphere in the office, the more efficient the company is. And this is understandable – if a person is happy to return to the office after the weekend and appreciates communication with colleagues, he will not feel negative about his professional duties. And a positive employee will do his job much better. Just how do you create this innermost atmosphere in a company? How do you turn “colleagues” into “team”?

Teambuilding in Uzbekistan is the best way to unite employees!

Teambuilding consists of events (most often entertaining), which increase the efficiency, cohesion of the working team or business partners.

Corporate teambuilding varies greatly in terms of topics and locations.

Recently, teambuilding events have become one of the main types of recreation, while they continue to gain popularity. This can easily be explained by the fact that our country is full of historical monuments, natural attractions, amazing history, and legends that leave unforgettable memories.

The main thing for us is to do everything possible so that each of your employees would be satisfied with their pastime, the team would unite and work processes would become more productive. We create and combine scripts, quests, games, and locations for them.

Teambuilding for local companies

For companies from Uzbekistan, we can arrange teambuilding near Tashkent. The main and most popular locations are Aktash, Aksakata, Chimgan, and Charvak Reservoir. The duration of such events varies from 3 hours to several days.

The program includes sports competitions, contests, and relay races. All of these are elements of one big scenario, which helps to unite the team and make it more cohesive. The most popular scenarios are “Wild West” and “Captain Grant’s Treasure”.

Teambuilding for foreign companies

For those who have never been to Uzbekistan and are practically unfamiliar with this country, teambuilding becomes a little different. We are already solving two tasks: we are not only making the team more friendly but also show foreigners the sights and architectural monuments of Uzbekistan. We hold such events in the historical centers of the country – Samarkand, Khiva, and Bukhara.

Additional services

We help employees build relationships with each other. If necessary, during the team building, we can involve a psychologist for individual or group sessions.

Individual sessions will help you focus on problems and solve them, tune in to work and understand why they occurred, and group sessions will help to smooth out sharp angles in employee communication, to understand the main causes of conflicts, and find a way to avoid them.

We are approached by organizations from anywhere in the world, and we are ready to develop unique teambuilding for employees of this very company. If you order teambuilding from us, you can be sure that we will provide you with an unforgettable holiday.

We guarantee you:

  • vacations in Uzbekistan that you will remember for life;
  • events in historical sites of Uzbekistan;
  • operational organization of the event;
  • help and support during the country visit;
  • safety during rest;
  • affordable prices for services;
  • ability to combine and make your own turnkey entertainment plan.

If you need to organize unusual teambuilding in an unusual place, contact our manager (leave a request on the site or call the specified number). Canaan Travel is happy to have a non-standard pastime in which your employees will work together as a team.

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