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Pir Siddik Complex — photo 1
Pir Siddik Complex
On the Great Silk Road, less than ten kilometers from Fergana, there is another city in the Fergana Valley called Margilan. In translation, this name sounds...
Chust — photo 1
Chust is the second largest city in Namangan Region of the Fergana Valley. This city is over 3500 years old, judging by archaeological evidence. The populat...
Alisher Nazirov's pottery house — photo 1
Alisher Nazirov’s pottery house
The city of Rishton is located on the section of the Fergana Valley between Kokand and Fergana. There are no such attractions as ancient monuments of art or...
Khudoyar Khan Palace — photo 1
Khudoyar Khan Palace
A fascinating structure in Kokand, located in the Fergana Valley, is the Khudoyar Khan Palace called Urda. It is a very unusual attraction with extremely di...
Margilan — photo 1
Margilan, a city in the Fergana Valley, located near Fergana itself, is one of the oldest cities. It is no secret that most Central Asian cities, if not all...

Queen of the Fergana Valley, you are always crowded, although today, your population is a little over 380,000 people. But your streets are full of travelers from all over the world, largely due to the fact that it is located on the site of an ancient settlement that keeps the secrets and beauty of the magical East.

History of Fergana

Oh, Fergana, among many ancient cities on the map of magical Uzbekistan, you stand out for your youth. Unlike the ancient Tashkent, Samarkand, and Bukhara, you settled on the lands of the former Khanate of Kokand only two hundred years ago, when General Skobelev of the Russian Empire started your history. And during these two centuries, you turned from a small town into a beautiful regional center of the country and interesting tours to Fergana and its valley.

Today you are the city, famous for its attractions and sightseeing routes, although your streets were built according to the military plan. Almost in your very center there is a fortress, which was occupied by your leaders, and dozens of streets originate from there, leading to the outskirts with radial roads that crossed them.

Attractions of Fergana

The ancient city of Margilan, located nearby, whose age, according to historians, is almost 2 thousand years, collects rave reviews. Once, these lands were developed by Persian settlers. Agriculture was well developed here, and already then there were rare varieties of pomegranate and dried apricots. The special methods of dried fruit preparation are still preserved to this day. Peeled and stuffed dried apricots deserve a special notice, which can only be found on the shelves of Fergana traders.

Margilan was a small but quite rich city because one of the Great Silk Road trade routes passed through it. And this could not but affect the architecture and culture of the city. Pottery business was actively developing here. The exchange of experience with Chinese potters has borne fruit, and in Margilan, craftsmen have developed their special “handwriting” of pottery.

Pir Siddik complex is the creation of masters of the late XVIII century, erected in the glory of St. Pir Siddik, which once took refuge in these lands. The beautiful building draws attention with its elegant colors of patterns and ornaments.

The Khudayar Khan Palace in Kokand, your brother and neighbor, oh the Queen of Fergana, is no less bright construction, impressive with its rich facade wall ornament and chic peculiar to the East.

Within the walls of this majestic building, tourists can feel like a real ruler, feel the luxury and former grandeur of the throne room, and take a memorable photo to remember. Unfortunately, not all ancient buildings have preserved this appearance because time passes inexorably fast. The architects of our time managed to reconstruct only part of the magnificent building.

Questions and answers

Travelers from all over the world are interested in you, oh Queen of Fergana, and we are happy to answer the questions.

  1. Is tourism developed in Fergana? What kind of entertainments are there?

The wonderful city has been hosting guests for many years, and it has a lot to offer for your journey. Holidays in Fergana cannot be imagined without visiting the house of potter Alisher Nazirov, where you can make a real Rishtan plate with paintings of heavenly color. Chust knives, one of the oldest Buddhist temples in the region – Fergana will not let you get bored.

  1. How to get to Fergana and when it is better to go?

Fergana Airport accepts flights from major Russian cities, but you can get from any country with a transfer in Tashkent. There is also a road connection. The best time for a trip is early spring and mid-autumn. At this time, Fergana shines with all the colors.

Although all sights are scattered in different cities of the Fergana Valley, all of them are relatively close to each other because they are part of the heritage of Margilan. You can get around it all in a short time, but the impressions will remain for life.

  1. Do you organize tours to Fergana?

Of course, Canaan Travel is always ready to organize a separate trip to Fergana and excursions to Margilan or include it in the national tour to many cities. We will always recommend a good hotel with favorable prices. We can also provide any additional information in case you need it.

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