Trip to Tashkent

Tashkent zoo — photo 1
Tashkent zoo
The Tashkent Zoo is one of the most important attractions of the city of Tashkent. It was formed in 1924. In the past, the territory of the zoo covered 3,50...
Kukeldash madrasah of Tashkent — photo 1
Kukeldash madrasah of Tashkent
Visiting tours of Uzbekistan, near the Old City, right in the center of the historical part of Tashkent, there is Kukeldash Madrasah – one of the largest ma...
Ming Urik settlement — photo 1
Ming Urik settlement
Tashkent is a city with a 2200-year history. Once upon a time, there were 4 cities on this land, each with its own castles, fortresses, and people. The main...
Hazrat Imam ensemble — photo 1
Hazrat Imam ensemble
In Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, despite the whole modern look of the city, there are also various historical places, the age of which is measured by...
Chorsu Bazaar of Tashkent — photo 1
Chorsu Bazaar of Tashkent
Bazaar, especially in the East, has always been considered the center of every city.  In the 18th century, Chorsu was the center of 4 roads of the Great Sil...
Charvak — photo 1
The Charvak reservoir is a grand man-made structure. Once at the intersection of three major rivers — Pskem, Ugam, and Chatkal — there were four gardens ("C...
Eco Park — photo 1
Eco Park
Eco Park is a completely new phenomenon for Tashkent. There are no carousels, "trains" and "horses" in this place – this is a modern park for those who appr...
Mirzo Ulugbek Central Park — photo 1
Mirzo Ulugbek Central Park
Mirzo Ulugbek Central Park is one of the oldest and most famous parks for visitors in Tashkent. Now it's Central Park, but it used to be called differently....
Tashkent water parks — photo 1
Tashkent water parks
There are several large water parks in Tashkent and Tashkent region, and new ones are still under construction. Each one has its own style and atmosphere. T...
Alay Bazaar — photo 1
Alay Bazaar
Asia is associated with hot sun, fruits, and, of course, bazaars. The famous Tashkent markets Chorsu and Oloy (Alay) are known to every tourist. The Alay Ba...
Alisher Navoi Theater — photo 1
Alisher Navoi Theater
In the center of Tashkent, near Amir Temur Square and chimes, there is the Alisher Navoi Theater, one of the few large-scale cultural and entertainment faci...
Botanical Garden — photo 1
Botanical Garden
In 1943, the Botanical Garden was established on the outskirts of Tashkent. Then Uzbekistan took a huge number of wounded to its hospitals, and academician ...
Tashkent Broadway — photo 1
Tashkent Broadway
Broadway is a colorful place in the center of Tashkent. How many changes, closures and restarts did institutions on this street have to endure? How many nam...
фасад рез
Former residence of Prince Romanov
In the heart of the capital of Uzbekistan, in the city of Tashkent, next to Independence Square, there is one attraction, different from all others in our R...
Palace of International Forums — photo 1
Palace of International Forums
Next to Amir Temur Square in the center of the capital there is the Palace of International Forums. It can be seen from a long way off. The building is m...
Akhror Valiy jama mosque — photo 1
Akhror Valiy jama mosque
The main city of sunny Uzbekistan is a young and forever shining Tashkent, which has managed to preserve its unique beauty to the present day. The Friday mo...
Gafur Gulom house museum — photo 1
Gafur Gulom house museum
The Gafur Gulom house museum was built in 1983, not far from the Mukimi Theater. This is a two-story mansion where the poet lived and worked from 1944 until...
Zangi Ata complex — photo 1
Zangi Ata complex
Zangi Ata is a district located in close proximity to Tashkent. It is famous for its complex of the same name with architectural and historical background. ...
Complex dedicated to victims of repression — photo 1
Complex dedicated to victims of repression
Shahidlar Khotirasi is a complex dedicated to victims of repression. Stalin's reign left its mark on the history of Uzbekistan. But even in Tsarist era in t...
Sheikh Zainiddin-bobo mausoleum — photo 1
Sheikh Zainiddin-bobo mausoleum
There is a mausoleum in Tashkent, in the Kukcha district, where the fortress and one of the city gates were placed back in those days. This attraction was b...
Yunus Khan mausoleum — photo 1
Yunus Khan mausoleum
During the reign of the Timurid dynasty, the architecture of Uzbekistan acquired new features. All buildings were built in a memorable and solid manner. Eac...
Abulkasym Madrassah — photo 1
Abulkasym Madrassah
Abulkasym Madrassah is a whole story concentrated in one building. Each wall is imbued with the spirit of human destiny and events here. It was built in 185...
Barak Khan Madrassah — photo 1
Barak Khan Madrassah
There is an unique district in Tashkent known as the Old City. It can be rightfully considered as the center of the history of the Uzbek capital, since ther...
Muyi Muborak Madrasah — photo 1
Muyi Muborak Madrasah
Muyi Muborak Madrasah is located near the Gafur Gulom subway station, in one of the oldest places of Tashkent. The Hazrati Imam complex, part of which is th...
станция метро Ташкента
Tashkent Subway
One of the main attractions of the Uzbek capital is its subway. The beginning of the construction of this notable attraction of Tashkent associated with the...
монумент Мужество
Monument “Courage”
The monumental complex "Courage" is an eternal reminder of the sudden calamity that happened with the people of Uzbekistan. It is dedicated to the tragedy t...
Oliy Majlis — photo 1
Oliy Majlis
Oliy Majlis is a legislative body, parliament of Uzbekistan. It consists of two chambers, upper and lower ones. The legislative chamber is led by the speake...
Monument to the Grieving Mother — photo 1
Monument to the Grieving Mother
In the center of Tashkent, like in many cities in the countries of the former Soviet Union, there is a eternal flame memorial complex. Eternal flame reminds...
Lokomotiv Amusement Park — photo 1
Lokomotiv Amusement Park
Lokomotiv Amusement Park has the largest number of attractions in Tashkent. Once it was an abandoned park with a large number of trees, where locals walked ...
Anhor Lokomotiv — photo 1
Anhor Lokomotiv
Anhor Lokomotiv is an amusement park in Tashkent. It is located very close to the city center, along the bed of the Anhor River, near the Museum of Olympic ...
Abdulla Qodiriy Park — photo 1
Abdulla Qodiriy Park
Abdulla Qodiriy Park located in the area of​ the so-called Old Town, near the Chorsu Bazaar. It was built in the 1930s during the mass development of Tashke...
Ashgabat park — photo 1
Ashgabat park
Ashgabat is the one of the brand new parks of the capital which is located next to the Tashkent ring road. The park occupies a significant area in place of ...
Park of Friendship — photo 1
Park of Friendship
Park of Friendship located near the airport of the capital. It is a rather large park with unique cultural and historical objects. In the central part of th...
Gafur Gulam park — photo 1
Gafur Gulam park
Tashkent has a large number of park zones, which is quite unusual for a hot region. These zones include both entertainment parks and parks of culture and re...
Furkat Recreation Park — photo 1
Furkat Recreation Park
The Furkat Recreation Park located near the UzElectroApparat Tashkent Plant. It's a small park. However, a huge amount of places of entertainment are concen...
Mustaqillik Square — photo 1
Mustaqillik Square
Mustaqillik Maydoni, or Independence Square in English, is one of the main places not only of Tashkent, but of the whole country. The history of this attrac...
Senate of the Republic of Uzbekistan — photo 1
Senate of the Republic of Uzbekistan
The Senate of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan is a state body with broad powers, which plays the role of a special political institution in th...
Seoul Park — photo 1
Seoul Park
Seoul Park is a unique cultural zone in Tashkent. It is located entirely on the territory of a larger attraction, Park of Friendship, better known as Babur ...
Amir Temur Square — photo 1
Amir Temur Square
In the center of modern Tashkent there is a square named after Amir Timur, better known as Tamerlan, the first and very important commander of the great Tem...
Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus — photo 1
Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
In the center of Tashkent, a kilometer from Amir Temur Square, the majestic building of the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Roman Catholic Church) i...
Bunyodkor Stadium — photo 1
Bunyodkor Stadium
Bunyodkor Stadium is one of the newest and largest sports facilities in the country. There are many stadiums and sports complexes in the capital, as well as...
Tashkentland — photo 1
In each large city of the world, there is a place with entertainment for people of all ages. Tashkent is no exception. In 1997, Tashkentland entertainment c...
Tashkent TV Tower — photo 1
Tashkent TV Tower
Tashkent TV Tower is the tallest tower in Central Asia. It's 375 meters tall. From a distance, the TV tower looks like a rocket that is about to take off in...
Tashkent chimes — photo 1
Tashkent chimes
For more than seventy years, the Tashkent chimes, built in the very center of the capital, right next to the Amir Timur Central Square, are a symbol and att...
Uzbek Drama Theater (named after Khamza) — photo 1
Uzbek Drama Theater (named after Khamza)
The National Academic Drama Theater of Uzbekistan became one of the first such places in the country. Creativity was always given special attention in Centr...
The Cathedral of the Dormition — photo 1
The Cathedral of the Dormition
The Cathedral of the Dormition in Tashkent is the most important Orthodox Christian institution in Central Asia. Today, the cathedral occupies central place...

Oh, the Star of the East, beautiful Tashkent! Whitened by grayness for more than two millennia, you have repeatedly collapsed and resurrected from the ashes, once again becoming the abode of peace and goodness. Your hot heart warms everyone who steps on your land, permeated like arteries, by the waters of the gray Anhor, the canals Boz-su and Burdjar. Like a generous Eastern Emir, you welcome guests with exquisite food and luxury, celebrations, attractions and music. Being the capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, you embodied the elegance of the distant overseas lands and did not waste the special charm of the East given to you at birth.

History of Tashkent

You charm the wanderers treading on your warm lands, not only by your beautiful outlook but also by the history of the region, which is full of legends. You revealed the mystery of your appearance to the world only in 2007 when the Zoroastrian temple was found in the Ming Urik hill fort, where in the 2-1-st centuries B.C. your residents addressed their prayers to the God of the Sun.

You changed a few names, beautiful city:

  • “Chach” during the Kangju dynasty from the Celestial Empire in the 2-1-st centuries B.C. and under the Sassanids, during the Turkic Kaganate, of which you, the ancient city, became a part in the 6th century A.D.;
  • “Shash” two centuries later under the Arabs;
  • “Tashkent” since the 11th As the legend says, your name sounds in translation not just as “The Stone City”, but “The City of the Precious Stone”: in one of the spurs of the Tien Shan that picturesquely stretches around you, Tashkent, in those distant times they were mining turquoise – the favorite stone of Amir Timur.

After Genghis Khan’s destruction, you will restore your former beauty and grandeur only during the reign of Tamerlane – in the 14-15-th centuries.

Oh, a lighthouse in the sands of Central Asia for wandering caravans, you continued to bloom even after Tamerlane: under the Sheibanids and during the Kokand rule. And later, after becoming a part of the Russian Empire in 1865, you became the main city of the Syrdarya region and Turkestan Governorate General, becoming the capital of our country only in 1930 and remaining to this day. Your big heart warmed up thousands of orphans from different republics during World War II. Good came back to you in 1966, when a terrible earthquake wanted to wipe your beautiful features off the face of the earth. But the people who heard about your generosity kept it from happening, preserved and multiplied your beauty.

Sights of Tashkent

Stone city, your image is crowned with numerous sights, making you a famous tourist center for lots of different tours to Tashkent:

  • Old town;
  • Hast Imam complex;
  • Chorsu Bazaar;
  • Juma Mosque;
  • Mausoleum of Kaffal Shashi;
  • Mausoleum of Sheikh Zainiddin-bobo;
  • Mausoleum of Sheikhantaur;
  • Kukeldash Madrassah.

The mausoleums of Zangiata and Anbar Bibi in your suburbs area are also beautiful and interesting excursion for tourists. It can be facinating continuation of Tashkent tour.

Interesting places and hotels, entertainments in Tashkent

Oh, beautiful oriental city, for every guest you are ready to be a real friend. You meet tired of long-distance travelers in luxurious hotels, where there are all conditions for recreation. And then you invite them to a fascinating tour, which can be both private or group tour of your land, where the past neighbors with the present and invites to look into the future. In 1928, the inventors B.P. Grabovsky and I.F. Belyansky who lived here decided to look into it, turning you, the stone city, into the birthplace of television. All information about the origin and development of television travelers today can get in your highest building – a 375-meter television tower. Having been to the heights, guests rush to your underground facility – the subway, the first in Central Asia. So the trip to Tashkent can be of scientific interest as well. It is not only a convenient way to move around on an excursion or just during your private trip, but also a real architectural masterpiece.

Whatever the future path of your guests, Tashkent, on comfortable sightseeing or two-storey with an open-top platform buses and taxis, which can be so conveniently ordered through mobile applications, during the trip they will get acquainted with the eastern madrassahs and mausoleums, Roman Catholic Church, German Kirch, and Orthodox churches. Your special pride, beautiful stone city, is Amir Timur Square, where every hour of your life is measured by the famous Tashkent chimes, Independence Square with a nearby Memorial Complex, reminiscent of the years of World War II.

Beautiful city, you are ready to make together with your guests who come to Tashkent on vacation tours, not only travel through time and history, but also decorate their leisure time by visiting the most interesting museums, exhibition halls, theaters. Travellers can enjoy being alone with nature in your stone jungle in parks located on your land.

The richness of colors and variety of goods, all kinds of entertainments await your guests in the shopping malls. But tourists can only feel the real spirit of the East with its fragrant spices, flatbreads hot like your sun, juicy fruit and vegetables only at the markets.

For those wanderers who want to spend their holidays unforgettably, you discover the beauty of your surroundings with many picturesque places in the middle of mountains and invite to the resort areas on Charvak lake, in the Chimgan and Beldersay mountains.

When is it better to go to Tashkent?

Tours in Tashkent in any season will be enjoyed by tourists because you appear in all the glory all year round. That’s why travelers leave rave reviews about you.

  • What could be better for travelers than to celebrate New Year in your company? You suggest experiencing all the charm of winter in a modern resort in your surroundings – Amirsoy Resort”.
  • In summer, Chimgan spurs welcome guests with the festival of bard song “Chimgan echo”.
  • Those who come to visit you in spring get back to the New Year celebration, but by the solar calendar. Nowruz, widely celebrated on your land from March 21 until the end of the month, gives each a piece of warmth and hope. At this time folk festivals and fairs, competitions and performances of artists are organized. People can immerse in your traditions and culture at the republican competition “Tashshabus” where the best works of national creativity are presented. The holy holidays celebrated by the righteous Muslims of your land – Ramadan and Kurban Hayit – are full of ancient traditions.
  • In autumn you, beautiful city, meet guests with warm weather, the most delicious melons and watermelons, bright cultural events, visiting which the enchanted wanderers exclaim: “Tashkent, you are the city of destiny and happiness, covered with oriental charm!

How to get to Tashkent?

You offer tours with the help of travel agencies to those who are eager to see you – wanderers seek you on the plane, buying tickets and travel packages at bargain prices from us, the tour operator in Tashkent, from Moscow or St. Petersburg. The trains come to you from Kazakhstan, Moscow, Ufa, and Saratov. Tourism in Tashkent is especially pleasant and popular for the guests of our region because it often becomes only the first point in an amazing journey through the attractive cities of Uzbekistan, melting the majesty and mysteries of the past centuries.

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