Hotels of Uzbekistan

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Driven by a passion for adventure, the traveler on his wanderings far from home. But he also needs shelter and comfort to rest and hit the road with renewed vigor. And where else to find shelter in a distant land, if not in a hotel. Make yourself comfortable, wanderer, here you will learn about the best hotels in Uzbekistan and you will be able to book the most comfortable room at a good price.

Hotels in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a country with a long and varied history, in which tourists from all over the world show interest. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that finding a hotel in Uzbekistan is not difficult – there are so many proposals that you can satisfy even the most sophisticated need.
Uzbek hospitality is known all over the world, so every host will be glad to see you. The cuisine in local hotels is varied – from Eastern to European. Of course, few people refuse the opportunity to enjoy such Uzbek dishes as pilaf, samsa, naryn, but it is still nice to have the opportunity to have breakfast with something familiar. But, as the locals sometimes joke, “why not eat pilaf, if you can eat pilaf?”
It is especially convenient that many hotels are located close enough to the most popular attractions, sometimes monuments are visible right from the window of the room. There are hotels for those who came to the country for business purposes. For example, the Tashkent Wyndham Hotel has comfortable and well-equipped conference rooms for business meetings and presentations.

Prices and amenities

Since Uzbekistan can be safely called a tourist land, hotels are opening in all possible classes – from simple and budget bed and breakfast to luxury ones like, for example, the Hilton in Tashkent.
Internationally, a hotel’s star rating indicates a guaranteed range of conditions and comfort. For the rest, be sure to check the hotel description on our website, where all amenities from dry cleaning to a gift shop are noted.
It is highly recommended to check the presence of air conditioning in the room if you visit sunny Uzbekistan in summer, because the daytime temperature here can exceed 50 degrees, which is very unusual for many guests of Central Asia.

Learn more

In every city — from Tashkent to Nurata — dozens of options for every taste and budget, but we offer only the best and proven hotels that we have personally dealt with.
The description of the hotel usually answers all the questions, but sometimes it is much more informative to find out its rating or read the review of another tourist, because not all conditions can be recognized from the photographs.
You can get detailed information online or contact our operators. We will help you find a suitable hotel in Uzbekistan and make a reservation.

Uzbekistan, which wanderers from all over the world wish to see, is waiting for you. And you do not need to worry about your comfort during the trip, because Canaan Travel will make sure that you do not have any difficulties and inconveniences. Our experts will be in touch with you throughout your trip.

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