Trip to Khiva

Kheyvak — Khiva well — photo 1
Kheyvak — Khiva well
The Kheivak Well is the holy of holies in your history, oh wonderful Khiva. We know about you from the V century BC. And your story began with one single we...
Ak Mosque of Khiva — photo 1
Ak Mosque of Khiva
Ak Mosque, whose name translates as a "White Mosque", is a Khiva's bright sight. Traditionally, mosques were built in residential areas of Oriental cities. ...
Ata Darwaza
In the East, the gates are not just an entrance, but the face of the whole dwelling, a symbol of the owner's prosperity and hospitality. Traditionally, they...
Anush Khan Baths — photo 1
Anush Khan Baths
One of Khiva's legendary attractions is Anush Khan Baths. The history of baths is amazing, as well as most oriental stories. Abulkazi Khan, who initiated...
Tash-Khauli harem palace — photo 1
Tash-Khauli harem palace
Among all Eastern rulers, there was a custom to build luxurious palace constructions for life with worthy grandeur and rest of heads of dynasties themselves...
Nurullaboy Palace — photo 1
Nurullaboy Palace
Nurullaboy Palace is located on the territory of Dishan-Kala, the outer defensive part of old Khiva. The splendor of this sight was known all over Russia, a...
Jama mosque of Khiva — photo 1
Jama mosque of Khiva
Oh, wonderful Khiva, an open-air museum, you amaze with the beauty of your attractions. Your mosques are beautiful and unique. Jama mosque on your land, in ...
Dishan-Kala — photo 1
Beautiful Khiva, a museum city, has always been divided into two parts: Itchan-Kala and Dishan-Kala. Itchan-Kala is an inner part of the city, located insid...
Itchan-Kala — photo 1
Itchan-Kala is an ancient citadel, whose walls still bear traces of 500 years of history. This is the inner part of the ancient city of Khiva. The name is l...
Islam-Khodja complex — photo 1
Islam-Khodja complex
Khiva is a legend in the tourist world. People come here from all over the world to rest. A wall surrounds the city, and inside the fortress, there is a rea...
Kalta Minor — photo 1
Kalta Minor
Oh Khiva, a museum city, how beautiful are your numerous monuments that remind us of bygone centuries with their magnificent architecture and audacious idea...
Caravanserai — photo 1
Caravanserai of Khiva
The Great Silk Road stretches all the way from China to modern Europe. It did not stop developing and expanding, so it was necessary to develop infrastructu...
Pahlavan Mahmoud complex — photo 1
Pahlavan Mahmoud complex
Your architecture, oh wonderful Khiva, has always been distinguished by its elegance and peculiar features. Unlike other historical cities of Uzbekistan, wh...
Kunya-Ark — photo 1
The richest history of Khiva attracts people's attention since ancient times. A legendary city, which many tried to conquer. Having a border with Turkmenist...
Alauddin Mausoleum — photo 1
Alauddin Mausoleum
Amazing Khiva, you attract wanderers from all over the world, and you are never tired of chaining their attention to you. Your entire historical center is r...
Allakuli Khan Madrassah — photo 1
Allakuli Khan Madrassah
Allakuli Khan Madrassah is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful madrassahs in old Khiva. Among several dozens of such institutions, this one is u...
Arab Muhammad Khan Madrassah — photo 1
Arab Muhammad Khan Madrassah
Arab Muhammad Khan Madrassah is one of your oldest buildings, oh wonderful Khiva. And the history of its construction began with one significant event. W...
Kutlug Murad Inak Madrasah — photo 1
Kutlug Murad Inak Madrasah
Kutlug Murad Inak Madrasah is located next to Palvan-Darwaza Gate. This attraction was built in 1809 during the reign of Muhammad Rahimhan under the leaders...
Amin Khan Madrasah — photo 1
Amin Khan Madrasah
Muhammad Amin Khan Madrasah is a wonderful sight, from which visitors all over the world will recognize you, oh wonderful Khiva. This building is a vivid ex...
Muhammad Rahim Khan Madrasah — photo 1
Muhammad Rahim Khan Madrasah
Muhammad Rahim Khan Madrasah is located not far from the majestic Kunya-Ark gates. It is one of the few big mosques in Khiva, the city which is an open-air ...
Khodja Berdibay Madrasah — photo 1
Khodja Berdibay Madrasah
For the most part, the period of bright colors in the architecture of Khiva fell on the period of XVII-XIX centuries, and earlier samples of architecture we...
Shergazi Khan Madrasah — photo 1
Shergazi Khan Madrasah
The history of Shergazi Khan Madrasah, one of your brightest attractions, oh wonderful Khiva, is full of events since its construction. It was built in the ...
Avesta Museum — photo 1
Avesta Museum
Urva is the legendary city where the book of Avesta, the scripture of Zoroastrianism, was written. There is a version that it was the same place where moder...
Palvan-Darwaza — photo 1
Palvan-Darwaza are not only the famous gates of Khiva fortress. This is a full-fledged architectural ensemble. The eastern part of the fortress was of great...

Oh, wonderful Khiva, a city of 25 centuries, famous for its rich history. What kind of tourist does not dream of visiting your land? Your streets have seen merchants carrying Chinese goods to the ancient countries of Europe, great scientists who came to share knowledge and make discoveries, great poets, and theologians of their time. You were one of the most important cities on the Great Silk Road, and your greatness is depicted in the grand buildings in your streets.

History of Khiva

Now you, wonderful Khiva, rich past is decorated with the glory of ancient Khorezm. You were one of the largest cities of the Khanate and even the capital during the reign of Timurids.

And your story began with one small well. Two and a half thousand years ago, as says one of the many legends about you, passing on by word of mouth, the legendary biblical Shem, son of Noah, had a dream that prompted him the very next day to lay the foundation of a new city in the middle of the vast desert. But before construction began, Shem dug a well and, taking a sip of the water out of it, exclaimed: a “Khey-vakh!” – which means “What a pleasure!”. This water seemed so tasty to him.

In the VII century, you were first attacked by Arab troops. And in VIII century, your sons met the incredible cruelty of Qutayba ibn Muslim, and you found yourself under Arab oppression.

In the XIII century, the incredible destruction was brought by Genghis Khan.

In the XVI century, you became an independent city, the beauty of Khorezm, and at the very end of the century, you even became its capital.

In the XVIII century, you were captured by the Persian Shah and ruined.

In the XIX century, the Uzbek Kungrat dynasty gave you a new rise, immortalizing it in many of your now famous sights.

At the end of the XIX century, you were conquered by Russian troops and became part of the Turkestan region, and in September 1991, your new history within Uzbekistan began.

Attractions of Khiva

Your most famous monument, oh wonderful city, is the legendary inner fortress of Itchan Kala. It is a city inside the city, and every meter of it is a unique and historical monument. It is for this reason that the whole Itchan Kala complex is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The fortress is so densely built up that you can find remarkable historical monuments of architecture just in every street in every building on your.

Not a single Khiva tour is without visiting the legendary Kheivak Well.

You are famous, oh wonderful Khiva, with your minaret of Kalta Minor, which was to become the highest brick minaret in the world, but by the will of fate, remained forever unfinished.

Interesting places and entertainments of Khiva

You are not only famous for your sightseeing routes, oh wonderful Khiva. There is your priceless and wonderful cuisine, reviews of which can be heard in any part of the world: green laghman on the dill juice, tukhum-barak which is known to be the food of Khans, thin flatbread, and a unique Khorezmian pilaf on steam.

For centuries, there have been performances with dolls on your streets. And today, travelers flock to you to visit the performances of your puppet theater.

And no one leaves you without souvenirs, oh dear Khiva: beautiful rugs and ceramics, silk scarves, and embroidered bags. One doesn’t know where to look first.

When is it better to go to Khiva?

Uzbekistan is a sunny country. Therefore, your summer heat, wonderful Khiva, is often unfamiliar to your foreign guests. The middle and late spring, as well as almost the entire autumn is the best time to have a trip to Khiva, to see you, the treasure of the epochs.

How to get to Khiva?

You are always glad to welcome guests on trips to Khiva and the region, and they are craving for you from all over the world. Some come for their private trips by train, some on their group tours come by plane. But there is no airport in Khiva. Most often, wanderers fly to Urgench or Samarkand, and from there, they get to Khiva.

Canaan Travel Agency as one of the most experienced tour operators guarantees you that the tour to Khiva will be an unforgettable decoration of your vacation in Uzbekistan and the prices will be affordable for all your travel package. Group excursions around Khiva will surely be arranged with an experienced guide. The open-air trains to this museum are literally a trip to the distant past, soaked in the fantastic spirit of the East.

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