Trip to Nurata

Miraculous Nurata, the ancient and magnificent city close to Navoiy, maybe you were not as large and significant as Bukhara or Khiva, but your history is not less interesting. Mysterious and cozy Nurata, your population is only 28 thousand, but your streets are always bustling, because wanderers from all over the world have tours to Nurata and they arrive to you to clear their spirit in the holy mosques of Chilstun and Kukgumbaz.

History of Nurata

You are full of places of interest and sightseeing places, as the Chashma spring is filled with holy water healing diseases and giving health and strength. The legends say that holy fish live here which cannot be consumed or disturbed by mortals. The legend which came to us from the depths of the centuries says that thousands of years ago a meteorite fell here, having lit the surroundings with the bright light. And even after submerging into the ground the celestial body went on shining.

This was the place which the locals started calling Nur (“beam of light”) and where the spring appeared. And your name reflects this legend too – Nurata, which means “father of the beam of light”.

Sights of Nurata

This is the name of another of your historic sites, sacred Nurata. The Nur fortress was built in 327 BC by the architects of Alexander the Great, or Iskander, himself. Today, the Nurata tour routes along your lands, oh ancient Nurata, always include this site, because its certain parts remained uncorrupted, which is one of the main attraction, and keep you in peace for more than two thousand years.

And the special decoration of the fortress is the ancient underground water system (kariz), which was one of the kind. The construction works even today, although it is not as magnificent as it used to be.

Interesting places and entertainments in Nurata

Because you, ancient Nurata, are located in the mountain area, your air is fresh and pure the whole year round. The wanderers adoring the beauty of nature curiously observe your landscape from the mountains. Everybody who visited this place will approve that it is priceless, as it is one of your attractions.

You are located close to the fabulous Aidarkul, and therefore travelers arrive to you not only to heal their body and soul, but to have a rest after Nurata tour as well. And nobody leaves without photos of your amenities.

Your residents know what will make the day of the guests who came from all over the world. Anybody would wish to live in a real yurt which is as comfortable as a good hotel at the lake shore and ride a camel, having left the most enthusiastic reviews of their adventures of the trip to Nurata later.

When is the best time to go to Nurata?

The most popular time of the year is August and September. During this period, the shores of the lake are a perfect place to watch the shooting star shower. However, in other months, you do not lose your charm and keep attracting guests.

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