Tours to Uzbekistan

Traveling to Central Asia is a page in your book that you will want to reread from time to time. And if some find out about last minute tours to Uzbekistan and decide to go to a new country for themselves without any preparation, others plan their trip purposefully and carefully, studying the culture and history of these places in order to be more prepared. But both are similar in one thing – it is definitely worth going to Uzbekistan. And we have many interesting suggestions for you.

What will the rest in Uzbekistan be remembered for?

Every day spent in the cities of sunny Uzbekistan will leave a lot of impressions, because the cities of the republic differ a lot from each other and have their own unique history. If a single history for the whole country is acceptable for some state, then in Uzbekistan it is not. Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Fergana – in different eras they were part of different state formations. Therefore, their culture, past and even cuisine differ from each other.

Types of tours to Uzbekistan

Individual historical tours

For those who are used to exploring new cities for themselves alone, it is more convenient and pleasant to choose a trip not in a group, but individually. Yes, such a trip to Uzbekistan will cost more than in the company of other tourists, but you will not have to adjust to someone’s pace, and there will be no unnecessary conversations on the road. After all, everyone likes their own – some want to make new acquaintances, others – to be alone with a new city. For residents of Kazakhstan, for Muscovites and St. Petersburg residents, there are separate special tours in our arsenal, developed taking into account the experience gained while working with tourists from Russia and Kazakhstan.

Group tours

The most popular tours to Uzbekistan are group tours. And this is easy to understand, because traveling in a group is cheaper and more fun (if you like communication with a wide variety of people). The main plus is that you can always share your impressions with fellow citizens. It may seem that this is a trifle, but believe me, sometimes I really want to pay attention to something that is significant for your country, but the locals may not understand you. Especially when it comes to the kitchen. You will not surprise the Uzbek people with your delight from samsa, but it is a pleasure to discuss this delicious detail of the trip with your fellow countrymen.

City Tours

If you are used to the seas and beaches, then rest in the countries of Central Asia will become very unusual for you. After all, vouchers to Uzbekistan are not taken for sunbathing and swimming, but in order to touch the living history. Of course, you can say that such a description is a cliché, but in the case of Bukhara, Khiva, Samarkand, Termez and other cities, this is the most accurate description. Samarkand, for example, is the same age as Rome, it is over two and a half thousand years old. And he can show you and tell you through the lips of the guides about the legendary events that he has seen. Each attraction of the cities of Uzbekistan will reveal to you the secrets of the past.

Tours in Central Asia

In ancient times, the Great Silk Road passed through all the countries of Central Asia, including Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, on tours along which we suggest you go. Caravans from China to the Mediterranean followed these lands, leaving their mark on the culture and science of all countries along their length. It’s nice to visit several countries in one trip at once – and this is the main difference between excursion tours in Central Asia.

Religious tours

Usually, for tourists, all the sights of Uzbekistan are equally interesting from the point of view of ancient architecture. Yes, these are centuries-old buildings, over which the best masters of their time worked. But do not forget that the overwhelming majority of such buildings are Muslim religious institutions: mosques, madrasahs and mausoleums. Moreover, some of them are still functioning. For pilgrim tourists, the tour operator Canaan Travel has also prepared a number of special tours that are spiritual rather than entertainment in nature.

Ecological tours

Not all tourists are attracted by the historical sights of Uzbekistan or its cuisine. The unique nature of these lands – mountains, rivers, deserts – is in no less demand. Many representatives of local flora and fauna are included in the Red Book, and there are few places where you can admire them. Ecological tours are designed so that animals, birds and plants are completely protected from human influence.

Seasonal tours

It is convenient when the work schedule provides not only a standard vacation, but also individual holidays, which will definitely not move anywhere. It is for these days that you can plan a fascinating trip to Uzbekistan – for example, for the May holidays or for the New Year, which in Central Asia is unusually warm for residents of more northern regions. There are always special celebrations and celebrations prepared for tourists.

Gastronomic tours

As a rule, gastronomic tours to Uzbekistan receive the most rave reviews. After all, the country is famous for its cuisine (you can find Uzbek restaurants in Paris, Tokyo, and New York) and, of course, for its fabulous vegetables and fruits. The phrase “These tomatoes can be eaten by themselves, like apples!” Sounds wildly for the locals, because this is a common practice here. But not every guest of Uzbekistan is accustomed to the fact that the fruits are so tasty that they do not need to be mixed with anything, that tomatoes are sweet, and cherries melt in your mouth. And these are just “products”. Imagine what dishes you can taste in Uzbekistan! And all this for a reasonable price.

Team building

If you decide to buy a tour to Uzbekistan for your employees, then perhaps you will be interested in our teambuildings, because this is not only recreation, but also events for team building – a great way to raise morale in the company and get to know employees better. As a rule, every team building ends up with colleagues discovering qualities in each other that they did not previously suspect. Well, and it’s really fun. We have already held many teambuildings and will be happy to organize another one for you!

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