Trip to Nukus

Magnificent Karakalpakstan, a country within the country, you are an important part of Uzbekistan and its inimitable decoration. Wanderers from all over the world arrive to give themselves a pleasure of having a tour or a day trip to Nukus, your gorgeous capital, which is young and very ancient at the same time.

History of Karakalpakstan

Truly great Karakalpakstan, your history started during the Neolithic Age and was filled with wondrous events during the millennia, and your cities became parts of legends. Let us recall the history of marvelous Nukus. Although the eighty-year-old city is one of the youngest among its Oriental brothers, it became the successor of its honorable ancestor, the city of Shurchi, which occupied this land from the 3rd century BC to the 4th century AD.

At that time your lands, Karakalpakstan, were called differently. They were known as the ancient state of Khwarasm which existed since the 6th century BC.

At the beginning of the 8th century you were conquered by the Arabs and in the middle of the 9th century – by the Seljuks.

During the first half of the 13th century your folk refused to conclude an alliance with the mighty conqueror Genghis Khan, and the violent commander turned your cities to dust and enslaved your residents for this.

In the 16th century Khwarasm got stronger again, and when your capital was moved to beautiful Khiva, the foreigners named you the Khanate of Khiva.

In 1942, you gained your new name, Karakalpakstan, having become the part of the Soviet Union.

Places of interest and sightseeing of Karakalpakstan

Your most miraculous sights and significant places, Karakalpakstan, are concentrated in your main city, Nukus. The most remarkable constructions of Karakalpakstan are located here:

  • State Museum named after I. Savitsky. The halls of this museum are divided into theme-based parts, beginning from high antiquity and ending with today. Among many items related to Zoroastrianism the collection of Russian avant-garde paintings of the beginning of the 20th century is especially valuable;
  • Ruins of the Gyaur-Kala fortress. This place is located near the city of Khodjeyli. The history of the fortress begins in the 4th century BC, and it was destroyed in the 13th century AD;
  • What used to be the prosperous center of Karakalpakstan located on the shore of the Aral Sea is now called the ghost town and the tragedy town. Instead of fishing freedom there is a ship breaking yard, instead of the beautiful oasis there is wasteland, and instead of the marvelous city there is a memento of the bygone flourishing of the Aral Sea, but still Muynak is included into many vacation packages;
  • the Ustyurt Plateau. The waken landscape between the mountains did not become the center piece of tourism in Nukus for nothing, for it becomes amazingly beautiful during sunset, when white rocks gain crimson shade. The Ustyurt Plateau is the favorite place of rest of predatory birds, like vultures and eagles. Famous mountain saigas may be encountered here as well.

Entertainments in Karakalpakstan

Where the vast water used to be half a century ago, there is the waterless desert now. But not only the sad history of the Aral Sea and excursions offered to its shores by our tour operators attract travelers from all over the world to you, magnificent Karakalpakstan. Craftspeople able to create unique pieces of art out of fabric, wood, leather, ceramics and stone that can be purchased for moderate prices work here. Your cuisine which always receives fulsome praises should be mentioned as well, Karakalpakstan.

When is the best time to go to Karakalpakstan?

The hot desert of Kyzylkum neighboring with you. Karakalpakstan, always reminds about itself, this is why your air is always filled with warmth unfamiliar to many of your guests. Therefore, not too many people dare to get a ticket to visit your lands. This is why wanderers from all over the world consider spring or the middle of autumn to be the best time to visit beautiful Nukus.

How can I get to Karakalpakstan?

The journey to your lands, fabulous Karakalpakstan, begins from the airport or the railway station for the travelers, for planes and trains go to your honored descendant Nukus. Some use automobile highways to get to you, although not everyone has enough time for such a trip. Before arranging your vacation travelers should certainly read some reviews about the tour.

The Canaan Travel agency will always find the best proposal for you. We will help you with the air travel and paperwork, arrange the route and attract the most experienced guides. With our efforts your travel to marvelous Karakalpakstan will become truly magical.

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