Eco tours in Uzbekistan

Ecotourism in Uzbekistan

Many associate Central Asia with deserts for a reason. Hundreds of years ago the territory of modern countries of this region was completely swallowed up by the sands, interrupted by lifeless steppes in some places. But where the desert is, it’s an oasis. And the selfless work of generations has turned these small oases into beautiful blooming cities.

More and more travelers discover eco-tours to Uzbekistan, the country of ancient monuments and amazing nature. Bright fairytale views open up here to every guest.

Today, the issue of ecology and preservation of the planet is becoming an increasingly popular topic for discussion, and we can’t help but be happy about it, as Canaan Travel aims to open up all the splendor of our planet to everyone. But the next generations will only be able to know the beauty of the Earth if we preserve it for them.

Due to its unique location our country is of special interest for ecological tourism. Ecological tours in Uzbekistan are an exciting journey and we are happy to accompany you to enjoy the beauties of this wonderful region.

There are many interesting eco-objects on the territory of Uzbekistan – mountain beauties with different complexity of excursion routes and unique landscapes, with skiing winter tracks, modern cableways, glacial peaks and incredibly clean melt water attracts ecotourists from all over the world.

With the popularization of tourism in the country and increased interest in sustainable tourism, there are more and more opportunities for new types of tours, such as ornithological tours, when observing birds and studying their habitats is as safe as possible for their conservation.

Unfortunately, human development is inextricably linked to the extinction of various species of animals. Technological progress affects the climate, the expansion of cities affects the area of habitat, not to mention poaching and negligence of nature – one discarded plastic bottle in the middle of the road can cause the death of an entire family of innocent creatures.

Today we still have the opportunity to see and photograph the rarest birds listed in the Red Book because of their possible complete disappearance: marble teal, mutt, bustard, siberian crane, thin-billed bracket, hawk eagle.

Features of ecological tourism in Uzbekistan

Availability of places and well-established infrastructure make recreation in the mountains of Uzbekistan truly unique. A large number of lakes in the area with picturesque landscapes will impress with their beauty. Forest reserves with rare species of animals and birds will also be available to you accompanied by professional rangers and ornithologists. Professional guides will lead you to the ancient people’s sites in the Chimgan mountains, where you can touch the centuries-old history.

Every corner of Uzbekistan, where there is a reserve, is protected by the state, which carefully preserves nature and all its inhabitants, turning these lands into paradise lands. You have a unique chance to see all the inhabitants of the region in their natural habitat, plunge into the cleanest air and enjoy the nature of Asia.

Each of our tours includes:

  • professional guide services;
  • services of experienced instructors;
  • unique program;
  • interesting locations;
  • comfortable living conditions;
  • great prices.

Many picturesque places of the Republic can be seen only in a certain period of the year. For example, jade lake Urungach dries out completely in the second half of summer, which means that you should hurry to enjoy this natural wonder.

Ecological tours should be booked in advance, as the program should take into account many factors, especially safety for tourists and nature.

In Canaan Travel, you can discuss and correct each item of the program with our agents.

We hope that in the near future sustainable tourism will be the only type of tourism. After all, in this case, any journey will not only be environmentally friendly, but may also contribute to its improvement.

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