Fayaz Tepe

Fayaz Tepe — photo 1

Fayaz Tepe is one of the places in Central Asia that indicates the existence of Buddhism in Asia in earlier times. It is one of the largest Buddhist temples in Central Asia. The monastery sanctum located near Old Termez, on one of the caravan routes of the Great Silk Road.

Construction dates from the 1st century A.D. The temple is quite large — it is more than a hundred meters length and thirty meters width. For its age, the temple has been perfectly preserved.

The building has two dozen premises, each of which has deep niches in the walls. Another amazing fact associated with this temple is that one of the most beautiful statues of the Buddha was found inside it. Besides, many statues depicting monks, ordinary people and kings have been preserved here.

This attraction is ornamented with picturesque patterns that can impress any visitors. The complex is a rectangular building with many cells and sanctuaries connected by narrow corridors. One part of the building is exclusively residential premises in which monks took rest. On the other side there were a kitchen and many utility rooms.

Fragments of the hearth were found in the refectory, which was most likely used by monks to prepare food. The third part intended for the rituals. Apparently, it was the place where rites and religious services were carried out. All walls are painted with various versions of the Buddha face.

Near the temple, a large stupa on a cruciform pedestal was discovered. This stupa is also of great archaeological interest.

However, interesting features related to this temple do not end here. The temple was supplied with water through a water pipeline, which is longer than 2.5 kilometers, originated in Amu Darya.

In the IV century the temple was plundered, and in the 5-6 centuries it was used for burials. Due to desolation, it began to collapse and by the 9th century in its place a hill consisted of the ground and collapsed parts of the building was formed. It is rumored that a treasure of ancient silver coins was discovered inside the hill, but it is not documented.

Thus, the monastery has survived many events and brought its great history to this day.

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