Khanqah Kukildor-ota

Khanqah Kukildor-ota — photo 1

The Kukildor-ota Khanqah is one of the most revered places of Termez. It contains the ashes of Kukildor-ota, a Muslim figure revered for his righteousness and recognized as a saint after his death. Besides, there are several more burials, significant for the Islamic world, in this building. That is why Muslims from all over the world make a pilgrimage to this place all year round.

The attraction was rebuilt in the middle of the 11th century. And already during the Timurid dynasty in the 14-15 centuries the building underwent a thorough restoration. According to some reports, it was not even a restoration, but a complete reconstruction, so the building was almost completely rebuilt.

Khanaqa stands out against a background of such buildings of Termez. This is a monumental building of regular geometric shape with many premises. An open large facade with three tiers, a lancet-shaped portal crowns the entrance. Decorative brickwork amazes the imagination with rigor and clarity of forms.

This was common feature of the architecture of the Timurid period. Its architecture has something in common with the complexes of at-Termezi and Sultan Saodat, which were also reconstructed at that time. This allowed to conclude that in early times the building looked a little different, and the reconstruction was done by the masters of the same school or even the same masters as in the two complexes mentioned above.

Unfortunately, there was no way to find out what the original appearance of the khanqah was and how serious were the changes made to its design.

Khanqah Kukildor-ota — photo 2

The dome ceiling is located directly above the central hall. Such decisions were attributed to the fact that, due to the shape of the ceiling in the premises of these rooms, there was excellent acoustics so that during worship and other religious events, every word spoken in these walls was heard by everyone. The entire building is decorated with brickwork, without bright patterns, in strict harmonious forms. But it’s just the exterior. The interior is very vividly and memorably decorated with ornamental painting, which creates a sharp contrast between the exterior and interior of the building.

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