Settlement of Dalverzintepa

Settlement of Dalverzintepa — photo 1

In Shurchin district of Uzbekistan, 60 kilometers from Termez, there is an ancient settlement of Dalverzintepa. For a long time, archaeologists have been interested in this place.

Excavations here were started in the 1930s. On single artifacts it has been established that the ancient settlement existed until the 6th century, but there is every reason to believe that it is much older.

It used to be a strategically important city, the center of the region. Some fragments allow attributing it to the Kushan period – from the 1st century B.C. to 6-7 centuries A.D.

Settlement of Dalverzintepa — photo 2

The decline of the Kushan Kingdom also affected Dalverzintepa. The city began to revive, but the Arab conquests finally destroyed it. The ancient period contributed to the development of the city. Farming was developed here, the city had an administrative division with developed infrastructure. It had its own city security, a tax collection system.

Dalverzintepa was the cultural center of the region. The period of Alexander the Great’s conquest was distinguished by the fact that in the cities he conquered large-scale reconstruction and general development began.

But even the contribution of the great military leader did not help the sights to resist the Arab army.

Today Dalverzintepa is a small trace of buildings on the ground, which was exposed to the eye thanks to the painstaking work of archaeologists. They can be used to track the city’s design.

Once the main part was surrounded by a moat with water that protected the city from unwanted guests. Inside the defensive structure you can see fragments of the temple, stoves and elements of the winery, an integral structure of the Roman conquerors.

On the outer side of Vyshgorod (it was decided to name the main part of the city on a hill) there was a Buddhist temple – this conclusion was made after the discovery of Buddha figures and fragments depicting heroes of Buddhist mythology in this place. Sculptures, drawings, jewelry, and even a very remarkable figure of a musician with a harp in his hands were also found.

This is the oldest Buddhist attraction discovered in Uzbekistan.

All these findings reinforced the theory that the cultural development of the city was very high.

Legends told by locals can be of particular interest for visitors. Love, cunning, and witchcraft are all involved. But all legends come down to one sad fact – the Arab conquest of the city. And the finding of 36 kilograms of gold jewelry in this place does not give rest not only to the guests, but also to the local population to this day.

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