Sangardak waterfall

Sangardak waterfall — photo 1

Not far from Termez, in the picturesque resort district of the Surxondaryo region, the city of Denov is located. Here is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Uzbekistan, Sangardak waterfall.

It is located in the eponymous gorge. This is a section of the Sangardakdarya River that flows in the vicinity. This river, as is fitting for other mountain rivers, is shallow, however every day rapid flow carries tons of water to the villages. According to some reports, it’s 120 or even 150 meters tall, which makes it one of the highest waterfalls in Uzbekistan.

Sangardak waterfall — photo 2

Not only tourists, but also locals admire the view of the Sangardak waterfall. Closer to it, the noise of water is heard, at times a foggy cloud of splashes breaks out, which dissolves in hot air, overflowing in the sun light. It is especially nice to get to this place in summer. The road along the scorched trails looping between the rocks, the scorching sun — all of these becomes insignificant when approaching the waterfall.

The waterfall is truly striking with its beauty. While being in front of it and enjoying its coolness and admiring the greens, it is hard to believe that this waterfall located among several hot deserts. This is not just an oasis, but a real natural wonder.

Myriads of splashes fly in the air like diamond dust, immersing in the atmosphere of a fantastic place. The noise of water drowns out the sounds around, it is quite difficult to communicate with each other in this place, though there is no need to communicate. People freeze impressed with this beauty and can  enjoy the view, air and sounds for a long time. It seems that the waterfall tells its story lasting for centuries. Events, rulers, people followed each other, this waterfall saw both Roman and Arab warriors. Each pebble imbued with history.

Waterfalls are especially revered in the Scandinavian countries. People consider them a kind of portal, gates to heaven. It is possible that travelers brought part of their beliefs to Sangardak, since near the waterfall you can find many patches of clothes tied to stones and trees. There is a belief that it is only worth making a wish and leaving something for the waterfall in return, this wish will certainly come true.

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