Individual tours from Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan

Individual excursions from Kazakhstan

The East attracts tourists from all over the world with its splendor. But it is very diverse in itself – each country has its own features, history, and its own charms. That is why guests from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and other neighboring countries stay in Uzbekistan for their vacations.

Everyone wishing to go on a tour to Uzbekistan from Nur-Sultan (Astana), Bishkek, or Dushanbe, is familiar with the culture of our region and therefore in many ways feels at home – similar cuisine, similar language, similar traditions. But especially warm tourist relations Uzbekistan has with Kazakhstan.

A trip to Uzbekistan from Kazakhstan takes quite a short time due to the short distance, which means that no long preparations and long vacations will be required for such a trip. The age of many ancient sights in Uzbekistan is more than one hundred years. They have been renovated and are ready to appear before the eyes of Kazakh tourists.

How and when to go to Uzbekistan?

With our website, you can pick up the most convenient option:

  • with direct flight from Nur-Sultan (Astana) to Tashkent (takes just over 1 hour);
  • with 3 to 5-star hotel accommodations;
  • with different tours.

You can buy a tour in Kazakhstan and go to Uzbekistan in any season, but the best time to travel is warm and dry period of the year. In spring, when it’s not hot, it’s the best time to see the sights. Late summer and early autumn are a good time to enjoy Uzbek grapes, melons, and other fresh delicious fruits.

What are the most interesting things about tours to Uzbekistan?

The territory of modern Uzbekistan has long been populated by people. A part of the Great Silk Road passed here, beautiful cities were built, which are still pearls of Central Asia today. When choosing a tour, you can choose either to take a sightseeing tour of the four largest cities – Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva – or limit yourself to a shorter route. For example, within one city or two.

One of the main attractions of Uzbekistan is the historical and cultural monument of Shah-i-Zinda. Memorial temple complexes of relatives of Tamerlan and other ancient buildings are located in all the above-mentioned cities. Numerous legends are associated with them, including the search by Cussam Ibn Al-Abbas for a dungeon garden of paradise.

And the legendary Khiva is known far beyond Central Asia. The entire historic center of the city is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, which shows its incredible value for all humanity. You’ve never been here before? Start planning your trip now!

You can visit the Tian Shan part of the Silk Road as well as national nature reserves located in the eastern and southern parts of the country. Or you can create your own route by contacting our specialists.

Among other things, modern Uzbekistan is a dynamically developing country. Its capital, Tashkent, can boast a symbiosis of historical and modern buildings, as well as numerous mosques and Christian temples, the attendance of which is taken into account when choosing a tour.

Unlike group tours, individual tours are easier to do at your convenience. Do you have an extra day off or do you want to go on a trip after the working week? To spend a real holiday in neighboring Uzbekistan is incredibly easy and affordable, we are always ready to offer you the best prices.

Canaan Travel has tried to make each individual tour from Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan as interesting and exciting as possible.

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