Seoul Park

Seoul Park — photo 1

Seoul Park is a unique cultural zone in Tashkent. It is located entirely on the territory of a larger attraction, Park of Friendship, better known as Babur Park Recreation Park. Now the central eco-park bears the name Babur Park, but the locals still call it Park of Friendship, so guests of Uzbekistan can easily get confused in the names of parks.

The admission is paid, but the cost is completely symbolic. On the territory of the park there are several reservoirs decorated in the South Korean style, as well as several architectural buildings.

The park was opened in September 2014, it was a gift from the Republic of Korea to Uzbekistan, a symbol of cooperation and cultural exchange between two countries. In the very center of the park there is a large bell that symbolizes the friendship between Korea and Uzbekistan. It is interesting to note that a bell is also installed in the Park of Friendship, which makes these decorations twins.

This is a very quiet and cozy place for real romantics, artists and writers. Photographers take their first professional steps here, because here you can find a unique game of light and shadow, not to mention excellent views. Ducks swim in the reservoir, and beautiful fish can be seen in clear water. Several narrow paths lead deep into the park, to the benches under the shadows of trees. Flowers bloom in the park during all the year  except winter. The entire territory is covered with green grass, which is regularly cut and turned into a uniform carpet. There are no points of food sale, noisy attractions or carousels in the park. This is a place of emotional release and real relaxing leisure.

Seoul Park — photo 2

Often in the park you can find people practising yoga and breathing gymnastics. Many of them are professional coaches. The atmosphere of the park inspires creativity, allows you to immerse yourself in the pacification of the East and see life in new colors.

It is impossible to miss Seoul Park inside Park of Friendship. It is located right near the central entrance to the latter one and it can be easily recognized by authentic walls made in the style typical of medieval Korean culture. The buildings of the same style erected here were personally approved by Seoul Vice Mayor Im Jong Sok and Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Uzbekistan Lee Uk Hyun.

Canaan Travel assures you that your visit to Seoul Park in Tashkent will become a jewel of your journey to our amazing region of living history.

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