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Sentob (Sentyab) is a settlement with fascinating history. Long ago it was a remote mountain kishlak where several generations of residents lived. Even the electrification of the settlement was performed quite late. People valued the traditions of their ancestors and lived on arable farming and cattle breeding, and for years their lives went on steadily. But everything changed after the origin of Lake Aidarkul, for the interest of tourists to the region increased manyfold. And the village is located only 30 km away from the lake.

There are three guest houses in the settlement which are named after the wives of their owners – Maisara, Muslima, and Rahima. The first of them, Rahima, was launched right after the start of ecotourism in this region. The tourists have been able to stay at this guest house since 2007, and the hospitality of the owners is not reducing. Two other guest houses are no exclusion. Climate, nature, and way of life of the local population – this is why the tourists arrive here.

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Clay houses, clay tandoor furnaces in which local residents bake delicious flatbread, smell of mountain herbs, fire and freshly drawn milk cannot be compared to anything. Well, maybe to the morning air which becomes so fragrant, cool and clear at dawn that you want to collect it in all containers and bring it to the megalopolis to breathe it in order to clear your thoughts and release the mind from the urban routine and rush.

At night, the stars are especially gorgeous here; myriads of them are grouped into constellations and nebulas across the sky. Even though there is electric lighting in the settlement, it does not meddle with the star shine. The fans of astrophotography will feel most comfortable here. Besides, any guest of the settlement may participate in the life of local residents and learn to cook tasty samosa or pilaf under the tactful guidance of the long-standing inhabitants. As about water, it is the purest here and does not have any specific odors. Therefore, tea here is so delicious that you can drink it from the bowl for hours without getting distracted. The feeling that you are in some separate world from the parallel Universe never leaves.

The settlement itself became the gastronomic and ecologic place of interest, being as good as the main decoration of this place, which is Aidarkul. Visitors from all over Uzbekistan are determined to have a vacation here, and the foreign guests of Nurata may learn about the cultures and traditions of the East.

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