Palace of International Forums

Palace of International Forums — photo 1

Next to Amir Temur Square in the center of the capital there is the Palace of International Forums. It can be seen from a long way off.

The building is made in a monumental style, all sides of it are decorated with huge columns, the roof made to the shape of a huge dome raising above adjacent buildings, sparkling in the rays of the sun. The roof is decorated with a nest with three storks. Traditionally, it has been considered that storks bring good luck and prosperity, that’s why such an architectural solution seems reasonable in this region.

Landscape designers installed many stone benches and paths around the building, as well as several fountains and flower beds with flowers that bloom throughout the whole year, succeeding one another and changing colors at the foot of the Palace of Forums. White marble, which was used to clad the walls, makes the building look even more solemn.

Palace of International Forums — photo 2

The opening of the Palace took place in September 2009. A huge number of craftsmen participated in its construction. German builders did the bulk of the work. Hearing a German speech in nearby yards was commonplace during the construction period. The opening of the Palace coincided with the 2200th anniversary of Tashkent.

The building is intended for holding international forums, important meetings of political figures of the world, and business forums. The Palace has several rooms for this purpose. The main and the largest hall is designed for 2200 seats, which symbolizes the age of Tashkent. Two smaller halls are designed for 300 people each.

The interior is as impressive as the facade.

Palace of International Forums — photo 3

The walls are decorated with sculptures and mother-of-pearl. Almost one and a half kilometers of Swarovski wallpaper were used. The floors are covered with black wood parquet, and a special illumination visually makes the ceilings look even higher than they are. A special acoustic plaster that prevents the sound in the rooms from distortion and unpleasant echo during events was used.

Lamps on the ceiling of the upper hall create an illusion of the sky full of stars. 23-meter chandelier in the lobby draws attention to itself. The reflective part of it is assembled from a million of Swarovski crystals. German designers truly did their best and were deservedly awarded with many international awards and prizes for this work.

Today a huge number of people can be found around the Palace of International Forums. Most of them are teenagers reading books near the fountains. In addition, this building became a favorite place for wedding photographers. There is a park area near the palace, where bridal processions also can be found.

Palace of International Forums — photo 4

Foreign tourists are delighted to walk around the alleys of the palace, enjoying the tranquility and solemnity of the place. There is a large number of cafes, including representatives of famous world chains, nearby.

Here, in front of the main entrance, there is a station for a tour bus, which can help you to visit many attractions in different parts of Tashkent in 3 hours and listen to the amazing history of the city from a guide in different languages.

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