Monument “Courage”

Monument "Courage" — photo 1

The monumental complex “Courage” is an eternal reminder of the sudden calamity that happened with the people of Uzbekistan. It is dedicated to the tragedy that had occurred more than 50 years ago, which left a deep mark in the hearts of anyone who has been here, created and built his life in Uzbekistan.

On a granite hill there is a black labradorite cube, on the front side of which the date April 26, 1966 is engraved, and on the other side there is a clock face with its arrows stopped at 5 hours 24 minutes.

It’s time when an earthquake of 8.3 magnitude happened there. The architects of the monument depicted this event in the form of a crack that splits the cube into two parts, symbolizing the fragmentation of the world, which ends at the foot of the bronze monument. The sculpture represents a woman pressing her child to the chest, and a man protecting his family from the anger of nature. He blocks them with his broad chest, symbolizing strength and courage. That is why the complex got its name. By means of relief compositions depicted against the background of this monument, the story of Tashkent restoration is told.

That morning, the citizens literally lost their ground, people with children in their arms ran out into the streets in a hurry and looked at what was happening, realizing with horror their helplessness before the raging forces of nature. The peak point of the earthquake was at a depth of eleven kilometers under the main streets of Tashkent. It seemed that someone wanted to destroy Tashkent in a very few minutes. The monumental complex “Courage” was built just on the site of the epicenter of the earthquake 10 years after the tragedy.

People were not confused by the accident, but began to help each other relentlessly and fruitfully. Many of them, putting up their tents, decided to live right on the central streets of Tashkent. Those who left without a permanent home moved to those who were able to help them. This was an example of brotherhood of all peoples of Uzbekistan.

When the threat has passed, the city laid in ruins. A huge number of builders arrived from all over the Soviet Union in Uzbekistan to help to reconstruct the city. Having forgotten about rest and fatigue, together they erected more than 50 residential areas in a short time, restored all buildings in the most damaged part of the city.

Today, the monumental complex “Courage” is one of the vivid symbols of good, sympathy and understanding, reminiscent of those events.

In honor of people who restored our capital, citizens visit to bow down to real courage and bravery.

The Canaan Travel team emphasizes this attraction — this place symbolizes victory over troubles and teaches each of us a simple truth — nothing can break will of people while they act together.

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