Nikokh-Tuy: Uzbek wedding

Nikokh-Tuy: Uzbek wedding — photo 1

Perhaps the brightest and noisiest holiday in Uzbekistan. The event is so large that it is difficult to count the number of guests, and if one asks the locals, they will answer that this is normal and only close relatives and friends are invited.

Wedding ceremony

It consists of two parts. The first part takes place in the morning at the groom’s house. Guests are treated with morning pilaf and the wedding begins. By the way, once upon a time pilaf was cooked at home, nowadays families start weddings in a cafe or teahouse.

After the morning pilaf, the groom collects all the guests and goes to the bride’s house. The bride awaits him in a special room, access to which have only priests. They take the agreement of the bride to marry and read prayers.

Then the wedding goes to the second stage – the bride’s farewell to her parents and home. Here, the guests from the groom’s side collect all the bride’s dowry and load it in transport vehicles, and the bride at this moment says goodbye to her relatives.

Nikokh-Tuy: Uzbek wedding — photo 2

The action is transferred to the groom’s house. There is a path to the house along which the bride enters the new house. She worships right at the entrance, and guests shower her with money and flowers so that her married life will be rich and happy.

Unofficial part

The informal part lasts several days. The groom escorts the bride to her new room, where they are met by the bridesmaid.

Next, the bride is ransomed, and after that, the newlyweds are left alone with each other. Songs and dances last all night, and at dawn, the final rite takes place – the greeting of the wife. She bows low to the groom’s parents, and they meet her with gifts. This is where the wedding ends.

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