Tukhum-barak national dish

Tukhum-barak national dish — photo 1

Tukhum-Barak is one of the most ancient dishes of Uzbekistan. In every corner of the country, the dish is prepared according to a different recipe. We recommend tasting Tukhum-Barak in Khorezm, Khiva and Bukhara, because this dish appeared here.

What is it?
The dish literally translates as “Tukhum” — egg, “Barack” — to cook.

The secret of cooking is that in the middle of dumplings (like small envelopes) put not boiled egg, and raw. And now imagine: you do such dumplings-envelopes, you can not store them, and the contents of each can at any time flow.

To prepare a dish you need not only to be careful but also clever to have time to cook, boil and serve the dish in a beautiful way.

When Tukhum-Barak appeared and who prepared it for the first time — it is difficult to say. According to one version, Tukhum-Barak was preparing khans before visiting harems, but as far as it is true, we do not know

You need to prepare the ingredients for the dough and filling. Let’s order.
To prepare the dough you will need:

  • ½ Kg flour;
  • egg;
  • 250 gr;
  • salt (at its discretion).

Tukhum-barak national dish — photo 2

To prepare the filling, you will need:

  • 7-8 eggs;
  • 150-200 grams of butter;
  • 50 g sesame oil (added to taste);
  • spices (turmeric, black pepper, salt);
  • green onion.

Prepare Tukhum-Barak in Khorezm recipe
You probably already guessed that cooking alone is not the best plan. Cooking a delicious dish is a great reason to invite friends to visit.

It is not difficult: the dough on Tukhum-Barak resembles the dough on dumplings. Tip: dissolve the salt in water and then add it to the flour. So the salt moves evenly in the dough.

The first thing to do — beat 7-8 eggs until smooth. This can be done with a whisk or fork, but not with a mixer. Gradually add milk and butter to the beaten eggs (you can melt it in advance). Now add spices and finely chopped onions.

Put a pot of water on the stove and start to sculpt Tukhum-barrack.

This is the most important moment in cooking. If the edges of the dough envelopes are not molded firmly, wait for trouble (Tukhum-Barak can be damaged before cooking).

The sequence is as follows:

  • thinly roll out the dough (the thinner the better);
  • cut the workpiece (length 10 cm, width 5 cm);
  • each piece is folded in half and connect the side seams.

So get bags with a size of 5×5 cm is Recommended to cover the finished batch of the Tukhum-Barak towel or cling film to some of the workpieces is not sensitive while you are busy creating the next batch.

Tukhum-barak national dish — photo 3

This is the last stage and the most difficult stage, so we recommend to call an assistant. The sequence of actions is as follows:

set is stuck on Tukhum-Barak and dishes filled with near boiling water;
pour a little filling into the envelope with a tablespoon;
quickly close up the top of the envelope and drop it into boiling water.
This procedure must be carried out with each envelope. It is not necessary to cook Khorezm dumplings for a long time: be guided by the readiness of the dough (the egg filling is ready in 2-3 minutes of cooking).

When Tukhum-Barak floats to the surface, they can be removed and be sure to grease with butter, so they do not stick together. Local residents of Uzbekistan serve a dish with sour cream and herbs.

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