Mountains of Uzbekistan

Mountains of Uzbekistan — photo 1

Most of Uzbekistan is on flat terrain. The mountain ranges of the Tien Shan and the Pamir prolong from west to east. The height of the mountains is different: the Sultan-Uvais does not exceed 500 meters, but the peaks of the Gissar Range reach more than 4000 meters.

Why is it worth visiting Uzbekistan mountains?

It is all about the natural beauty of the mountains and streams that flow down from the snowy peaks. Over time, water has drained years in some places to such an extent that entire canyons have formed there. Just imagine what ancient mountains are in Uzbekistan and how long it took for these canyons to form!

If you are traveling to Uzbekistan, be sure to visit the Gulkam, Langarsky and Kuvasay canyons in order not only to know but also to personally see these natural wonders. By the way, if you get to the Langar Canyon, be sure to go on excursions to the local salt mines.

If you go to study the mountain ranges of Uzbekistan, we recommend stopping and relaxing in the popular passes – Kamchik (between the Tashkent oasis and the Ferghana Valley) and Takhtakaracha (on the road from Samarkand to Shakhrisabz)

What is worth visiting first in first?

To facilitate the compilation of your route, we have compiled a description of the main places to visit (of course, we are talking about mountains).

Gissar Range

The Gissar Range is the highest mountain point in Uzbekistan (4650 meters). This ridge is located both in Uzbekistan and in Tajikistan.

During a walk along the mountain, we recommend visiting the reserve, which is located in the center of the Hissar Range. It is considered the largest in Uzbekistan. Here you can see animals that have long been listed in the Red Book: golden eagles, Turkestan lynx, snow leopard, white-clawed bear, and others.

Mountains of Uzbekistan — photo 2

And also, the Hissar Range is rich in natural attractions. These locations are rarely included in local tourist routes, so you have to get to the sights on your own.

We recommend that you visit at least one of these locations:

  • Tamerlane Cave
  • Majdanek Observatory
  • Teshik-Tash cave
  • Baysun village

If you like unusual locations, go to Kudasai Canyon: here you can see the fossilized footprints of dinosaurs.

Zaamin mountains

The Zaamin Mountains are located in the northwest of the Turkestan Range, which, however, is mostly located in Tajikistan.

In the Zaamin mountains, almost on the border with Tajikistan, is one of the best hospitals in the country. We recommend visiting this place to every tourist who has reached this Uzbekistan. The nature in the Zaamin mountains is very different from the Chatkal and Nurata mountains: there are many coniferous plantations, so the air is saturated with wood tar.

Mountains of Uzbekistan — photo 3

Due to the fact that the Zaamin Mountains are located almost on the border with Tajikistan, it is forbidden for tourists and local residents to lay out hiking routes themselves (or rather, but not in all places).

If you go camping, be sure to visit the gorge and the sanctuary of Huzhai Serob-Ota. It is located in the foothill region.

Nurata mountains

This is a small mountain range, which is located in the central part of Uzbekistan. The height of the mountains is 2,200 meters. In some mountainous areas, you can find a variety of geological rocks.

If you plan to visit the Nurata years, be prepared for the fact that there is no road to the ridge. So to get, even from the nearest tourist center Samarkand, is not an easy task.

Mountains of Uzbekistan — photo 4

It is better to go to the mountains in the spring: at this time, red tulips grow on the slopes, which are listed in the Red Book. By the way, since 1975, the Nuratinsky Reserve has been located here, which is located in the central part of the ridge. In addition to flowers from the Red Book, you can also meet rare animals – black vultures, golden eagles, and Severtsov’s rams. By mid-spring, all the snow from the mountain peaks is melting, so the weather for hiking is favorable.

Holidays in the Nurata Mountains are perfect for those who are tired of the bustle of the city, the noise of highways and industrial facilities.

Chatkal Range

The mountain range is considered the most western in the country. Chatkal ridge passes not only through Uzbekistan, but also Russia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.

The height of the mountains is about 3000 meters. You can visit the mountains in any season of the year, except for the months from November to March. In these months, snow lies on the mountainsides. In spring, climbers and mountain tourists come to the slopes of the mountains, who dream of fulfilling their dream of climbing the mountain for the first time.

Mountains of Uzbekistan — photo 5

Near the mountains there are picturesque villages that you also need to visit. Here you can get acquainted with folk customs and ethnos, take a walk in poppy fields and vineyards. All this can be seen in the village of Sukok, Nevich or nearby the Charvak reservoir.


If you like holidays in the mountains — without hesitation, buy tickets to Uzbekistan. There are many mountains in the country and they are all different, so you will have something to do on vacation in Uzbekistan.

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