Individual tours from St. Petersburg to Uzbekistan

Individual tours from St. Petersburg to Uzbekistan

We have prepared individual tours to Uzbekistan from St. Petersburg for travelers from the northern capital of Russia.   Our country has long-standing friendly relations with tourists from the city on the Neva – every year hundreds of tourists visit the ancient cities of glorious Uzbekistan: Bukhara, Khiva, and, of course, Samarkand.

Saint-Petersburg has much in common with Samarkand – both cities are the second capitals of their countries, and both are also cultural capitals.  Both of them are filled with sights and amazing architecture.  In both cities, modern and historical architecture are intertwined literally on every street.

The East is full of colors, it is mysterious and filled with legends, it feels like a fairy tale in real life.  At the same time, most locals speak Russian, which makes communication way easier.

Popular destinations

Individual tours are even more popular than group ones, as St. Petersburgers often have their own ideas on the routes and objects they would like to visit, and it’s easier during an individual tour.

St. Petersburg also has a lot in common with Tashkent.  It is a metropolis with office buildings and wide avenues, but even in it, there is a place of thousand years of history.

On average, tours last 3-6 days, it is the best time to get acquainted with the ancient cities of Uzbekistan.  You can admire the beauty of the sights at different times of day – evening and daytime views have long struggled for the title of best.  And, of course, during this time you can get acquainted with all the splendor of Uzbek cuisine.

No problem with transportation, no problem with registration.  Professional guides, high-class drivers are at your disposal.  Every tour is carefully planned, which saves you time on air travel.  After all, why return to the point of arrival when the tour started in Samarkand and ends in Bukhara?

You arrive in town with a pre-planned sightseeing program and return straight home from the finish line.

Advantages of tours to Uzbekistan from St. Petersburg

We are sure that the trip to Uzbekistan will be a great discovery for you.  During your trip, you can enjoy the beauty of Kyzylkum and Karakum deserts in spring.  You will understand better the culture and traditions of the people of Uzbekistan and hear the legends of Tashkent, Khiva, Urgench, and other cities.

Advantages of tours:

  • Reliable tour operator – our extensive experience, including work with major CIS companies, is a guarantee of your quality trip;
  • an extensive tourist program – we know many subtleties and secrets, which saturate each tour with memorable places and events;
  • convenient transfer – we provide comfortable tourist transport for your journey;
  • saving time – we’ll solve all the issues for you, you just have to choose how you want to spend your vacation;
  • advantageous conditions – we offer pleasant prices and a large package of services;
  • possibility to book a tour – if you plan a trip in advance, we will be glad to help you with scheduling and booking a trip.

Each program is discussed personally with you and built based on your preferences.  Canaan Travel specialists will select the most suitable tour, making your stay pleasant and safe.

The taste of oriental spices, juicy melon, and fragrant paradise will be remembered to you long after your journey, involving you into the world of Asia.

We guarantee that our tours are the best solution for your vacation, holidays, or weekend.

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