Individual tours from Moscow to Uzbekistan

Individual tours to Uzbekistan from Moscow

There is just a couple of steps from hustle and bustle of a big city to the sunny calm of the East! Canaan Travel offers you an individual tour from Moscow to Uzbekistan with the best conditions. For our customers, the horizons are wider, service is better, safety is higher and prices are more affordable.

Discover Uzbekistan from a new perspective, having plunged into the centuries-old history of famous cities. The domes of Samarkand, the fortresses of Bukhara, ancient streets of Khiva, and most importantly — the hospitality and warmth of the Uzbek people — are available at any time. 300 sunny days a year, warm climate, and friendly attitude to guests make tours to Uzbekistan from Moscow more attractive for guests.

A flight to any city of Uzbekistan from Moscow takes only 3-4 hours, and the journey from Samarkand to Bukhara, Khiva, or Tashkent is just a little over an hour.

Advantages of tours from Moscow to Uzbekistan

The best way to plunge into the history of our country is to take an individual tour to the historical cities of Central Asia.  Visit the Romanov House in Tashkent and learn the recipe for the best Uzbek pilaf. Khiva, Bukhara, Urgench — excursion programs on historical cities will shed light on the common history of Russia and Uzbekistan. Tours to the Fergana Valley are becoming more popular every day. Now you can walk a significant part of the Great Silk Road from Fergana to the Aral Sea in just a week.  Each city will welcome guests with sweet fruits, fragrant herbs, and a variety of architecture.

Just an hour from Tashkent there is a cozy ski resort with Charvak reservoir at the foot. At any time of year in Uzbekistan, you can not only swim in the warm water of the lakes but also go down the snow-covered slopes on skis. Mountain tourism attracts with its accessibility, service, and picturesque Uzbek mountains. Cultural tourism or family holidays — any type of program of Canaan Travel will satisfy tourists.

Get to know the real East

  • Experience all the splendor of Uzbek gastronomy with countless variations of famous food — pilaf, laghman, flatbread, samsa, and strong tea.
  • Walk in the footsteps of legendary historical figures: the son of Noah Sim, the prophet Daniel, the commander and ruler of Tamerlane, outstanding scientists of the East who have greatly influenced the development of all human civilization.
  • Take unforgettable pictures in the middle of the Kyzylkum desert and near the Amudarya river.
  • Visit unique sights that have a long history and are of great interest in terms of architecture.
  • See with your own eyes the sites of the UNESCO World Heritage List, which fully includes the historic center of Khiva.
  • Cheer yourself up by visiting one of the many modern amusement parks and parks of culture and leisure in Tashkent.
  • Touch the ancient craft by visiting the workshops of Uzbek masters and taking part in their work shops, during which you will learn the secrets that have been passed from generation to generation for centuries.

Besides individual tours, we offer:

  • group tours;
  • seasonal tours;
  • business tourism;
  • group tours
  • ecotourism;
  • sports mountain tours;
  • sightseeing tours.

Your journey may start in different cities of sunny Uzbekistan, but it will definitely end in magnificent Samarkand, from where there is also a direct flight to Moscow. Choose your route with Canaan Travel — we guarantee your safety. Choosing us, you choose comfort, reliability, and quality.

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