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In each large city of the world, there is a place with entertainment for people of all ages. Tashkent is no exception. In 1997, Tashkentland entertainment complex, which received the name “Disneyland in Tashkent” from local residents, was built. The park was built simultaneously with the water park, next to the Tashkent television tower.

There are a huge number of attractions on the immense park territory. Both children and adults can spend their time with pleasure. The pond separates Tashkentland and the Japanese Garden. One of the most extreme attractions, the Roller Coaster, was installed above the water.

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The long loop railway abruptly goes up, then, having made a coup, rapidly takes down cars with passengers. Not everyone dares to ride, but everyone who does it is overwhelmed with emotions.

The “Hammer” is another attraction for thrill lovers. This is a huge structure with a row of chairs that rotates vertically, turning everything in front of your eyes. Before riding the “Hammer”, it is better to leave all things from your pockets to your friends waiting on the ground, since at the time of the coup all items falls to the ground. The “Wave” attraction is something between extreme and calm types of entertainment, but it is the most popular attraction in Tashkentland. For all the seemingly harmless nature of the attraction, riding on the “Wave” allows you to feel the beauty of sea rolling.

For those who prefer calm entertainment, there is a “Castle of Horrors”, where you can splash out emotions with pleasure, riding through dark labyrinths. There are also attractions for children: a carousel with a moderately swinging pony or steam locomotive, ready to ride the kids through the park. One of the largest Ferris wheels in the country will allow you to enjoy views of the city and the amusement park.

Tashkentland — photo 3

There is a cable railway of more than 1.5 kilometers lenght for those who want to overview the entire territory of the Expocenter, the park and the Japanese Garden in detail. This route is quite long, and since there are no intermediate descents it is better to take some water with you in the summer, otherwise you’ll have to wait to return to the starting point to quench your thirst.

It will be a good idea to ride children through the African safari. You can admire the thematic views from the side of a small boat, which moves in a circles, swinging on slow waves. Children probably remember the various animal figures, rocks and ancient drawings on stones.

The entrance to Tashkentland is paid, but the time of staying in its territory is unlimited, and most part of attractions are free. However, the entrance to the cable railway is outside the park and if you want to ride it you have to leave the territory of the Tashkentland. So it is better to plan your visit and program in advance.

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