Tashkent Broadway

Tashkent Broadway — photo 1

Broadway is a colorful place in the center of Tashkent. How many changes, closures and restarts did institutions on this street have to endure? How many names has it changed while it came to this day – Sayilgoh. But for Tashkent, this alley was, is, and probably will always be Broadway.

Despite the fact that the American street is actually much longer, and entertainment facilities are located only on its outskirts and occupy a tiny part of the entire avenue, residents decided to mark with this name “their” street too. By the way, Sayilgoh, the current name, literally translated as “a place where fun activities are held”, which generally corresponds to the purpose of the street.

In the 19th century, Russian generals were actively building up the city, and since that period the radial scheme of streets around the central square has been preserved. At different times, the avenue became a passable or a walking place. In the end, a pedestrian zone was organized here, and now there is no transport, except for bicycles, which can be rented.

Tashkent Broadway — photo 2

This sight attracts everyone, without exception, whether they are guests of the capital or indigenous people. This is a long alley in the shade of trees with many fountains, small park areas, the main central fountain with benches in a circle and a small pond with fish. It connects Amir Temur Square Street with Independence Square, Mustakillik. But this is not what makes Broadway interesting.

For a very long time Sayilgoh Street has been the place where the most colorful representatives of the city gather: musicians, magicians, artists, photographers, dancers, and acrobats. No specific days, no schedule. Today you can meet some people, tomorrow you will meet others. Only artists who sell their paintings and offer to draw a portrait from nature or from a photo are unchangeable. There are also many cafes, restaurants and bars, several night clubs, and a lot of boutiques. Nearby there are two famous theaters: the State Academic Theater named after A. Navoi and the Russian Drama Theater.

Tashkent Broadway — photo 3

Today here you can find everything interesting and unusual. You can buy souvenirs and trinkets here, get a fortune-telling by hand or with the help of a parrot – a fortune teller, pulling out a piece of paper with a “prophecy”. Street musicians play in the passages and buildings on the street. Someone to earn money, someone out of love for art.

There is also a place for the youngest guests: a children’s zone with inflatable slides, telescope, where you can see the moon, attractions and fountains with light show. In the daytime students walk here, and in the evening amateurs of entertainment. By evening, the green alley is transformed – bright lights above your head, lanterns along Broadway and luminous showcases create the holiday mood, offering all possible ways to improve your mood and find interesting acquaintances.

Canaan Travel strongly recommends you to visit this place at least once and buy a memorable souvenir, which will remind you of a bright holiday in charming Uzbekistan.

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