Talipach Gate

Talipach Gate — photo 1

During the reign of the Timurids, from the second half of the 14th century to the beginning of the 16th century, special attention was given to the defense of cities. Majestic Bukhara was no exception, and a defensive wall was built around the city. The Talipach Gate is one of the gates created in that time that have survived. In total, archaeologists have counted 11 gates constructed here in those distant times in different parts of the city. Gates were small for strategic reasons, and above them, as a rule there was an extension of the wall with loopholes for archers. Those entrances were especially carefully guarded, and these that have survived still remind us about the difficult times of wars and conquests.

Now the gate is surrounded by residential buildings. The attraction is located near the mausoleum of Saint Job — Chashma-Ayub. There used to be a couple of gates next to it: Shirgiron and Imom. Unfortunately, that places have not survived until today.

Now near the Talipach Gate there is a real oriental bazaar and an amusement park where guests can rest; water of a small lake slowly erodes the remains of the defensive wall. The walls of the historical center of Bukhara, which impress with their size, still keep their secrets and legends. Once visitors pass through the gate and find themselves inside, it seems to them that they were taken to the distant past and became the characters of an oriental fairytale.

Talipach Gate — photo 2

Fortifications of the gate are made in the form of small protruding platforms located on its both sides, crenellated walls above them and loopholes in different parts of the fortification. The footing of the gate is made of burnt bricks, and the part of the walls that has survived consists of raw bricks. Today, 500 years later, this method of construction of the main gates and walls around a yard is still actively used. Back then, construction of the gate was supervised by the ruler of beautiful Bukhara, Abdullah Khan II from the Sheibanid dynasty, who ruled its lands in the 16th century. Today, the gate is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a world cultural heritage site.

The team of Canaan Travel is happy to invite you to visit the beautiful Talipach gate, symbolizes the fighting spirit of the East of the past centuries, for every guest and resident of Uzbekistan. The land of living history will tell you many legends and give a unique experience — the opportunity to touch a real oriental fairy tale, but with modern conveniences. Bukhara hotels will provide you with comfort, and numerous cafes and restaurants will delight you with exquisite dishes of Uzbek cuisine, which will impress even the most fastidious gourmet.

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