Park of Friendship

Park of Friendship — photo 1

Park of Friendship located near the airport of the capital. It is a rather large park with unique cultural and historical objects. In the central part of the park there is an artificial lake, where you can sail in summer using catamarans and boats. In the center of the lake there is an island with a cafe, to which humpback bridges lead. At the times of dawns and sunsets, the lake water takes on a beautiful hue, and the sun light is reflected in ripples throughout the whole surrounding.

Park of Friendship — photo 2

Like many other recreation parks in Tashkent, Park of Friendship changed several names: once it was a park named after Kirov, then it beared the name of the great poet and commander Zakhiriddin Babur. That is why the locals call this place as Babura Park out of habit.

The park is clearly divided into cultural and entertainment parts. There is a bell right on the path connecting the two entrances to the park. Allegedly, if you approach it and easily knock on the bell, your wish will come true. In fact, this is a peace bell, which installment in 2003 was supported by the Japanese community. It is not surprising that this place has become popular among honeymooners. Wedding processions have become normal for the park.

On the other bank of the lake there is a unique sculpture representing the friendship between peoples and children from different countries. There are curbs around this sculpture tiled in the form of a pool. Each tile is the result of handmade of children and adults from all over the world. The wishes of good and peace, drawings and patterns are engraved on each tile.

Park of Friendship — photo 3

Some tiles have already been lost, but even the remained part conveys valuable information about the mutual support of countries, friendship and solidarity of peoples. The entertainment part of the park consists of an outdoor performance stage, several cafes, and carousels. Also, there are a shooting range, a Ferris wheel, and various attractions in the park, where participants can win valuable prizes.

Park of Friendship — photo 4

If you walk through this park you can get to Seoul Park or to the playground. The park itself has an elongated shape and neat trails which lead to remote corners of the park. This place is popular among students, since the University of the Uzbek Language and Culture stands nearby. As the park is favorable to romance, here you can often find couples. The central road of the park consists entirely of fountains, giving visitors som cool in hot summer evenings.

Canaan Travel advises all residents and guests of Uzbekistan without exception to visit this park — friendship between cities, countries, and continents is the key to peace and mutual understanding throughout the planet, and such an attraction as Park of Friendship helps to feel the unity of peoples.

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