Senate of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Senate of the Republic of Uzbekistan — photo 1

The Senate of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan is a state body with broad powers, which plays the role of a special political institution in the country. It was founded on April 4, 2002. All Senate activities are based on the norms prescribed in the Constitution and legislation. It includes persons of the state involved in various scopes and fields of science, culture, jurisprudence, medicine, aviation and transport.

The main task of the Senate is to maintain the balance between the parliament chambers, respecting the interests of the country regions with state policy. Approval of the Senate is necessary when electing members of the Supreme Court, the attorney general of the country, the head of the State Security Forces, the chairman of the State Natural Resources Committee and heads of other important areas of the country’s activities.

Senate of the Republic of Uzbekistan — photo 2

The Senate building is located in the center of Tashkent, right at Mustakillik, the main square of the country. It stands out against the background of other buildings: four floors and a colonnade at the main entrance, and its walls faced with white marble. The first floor is decorated with red granite, while the rest of the walls are decorated with white granite, delivered from Greece and Italy. Surrounded by green platforms framed by flowers, the building looks truly solemn.

The interior is no less fascinating. Here you can found many national and historical symbols, such as two large paintings on the walls depicting the Lion and the Sun. Such an ornament can be found in Samarkand on Registan Square, and in the Timurid Museum on ceiling paintings.

Senate of the Republic of Uzbekistan — photo 3

The main conference room is designed for 170 seats. Besides, 3 more smaller rooms were built here,  where meetings of foreign representatives and delegations are held. In the evening, the facade of the building is beautifully illuminated by lights, as well as the surrounding area. This building is secure.

The structure is quite unusual for local architecture and therefore has become a real local attraction. Unfortunately, today this is a restricted area, so it impossible to admire it.

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