Nadir Divan-begi madrasah

Nadir Divan-begi madrasah — photo 1

The Nadir Divan-begi Madrasah built in Bukhara in the 17th century still catches its reflection in the khanaka standing opposite it like in a mirror. Two majestic architectural monuments form a kosh — the favorite city-planning technique of medieval masters who have brought glory to this ancient city.

For centuries, this land never ceases to enchant visitors with buildings constructed on the same axis and facing each other. Each of them looks at their twin brother and sees in its appearance familiar features and completely different ones that were born due to the architects’ imagination. The features of the Nadir Divan-begi Madrasah are so beautiful that it was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

When you look at this architectural monument, it is hard to believe that its original creator, noble dignitary Nadir Divan-begi who used to live on this sun-warmed land, planned to build an ordinary caravanserai. The architectural planning reminds us of his original intentions.

Nadir Divan-begi madrasah — photo 2

Once inside, the guests do not see a lecture hall traditional for a madrasah. A narrow entrance typical for a madrasah leads to the courtyard topped only with hujras — cells where dervishes had rest after a long travel and tried to find inner peace. The architectural monument, which by the will of fate was destined to become a holy place, has not lost its former charm as centuries passed, and the mosaic patterns of its portal still attract guests from around the globe.

The drawings created by the masters that show deer and phoenixes, the birds of happiness, carrying evil spirits in the form of boars away from these lands, are reminiscent of Zoroastrianism that was widespread here in ancient times; they also reflect the influence of Iranian culture. Its traditions were brought to the city in the sands by Iranian architects; in the 17th century, the emirs ruling those lands often invited them to construct some buildings.

The team of Canaan Travel will be happy to visit you in Uzbekistan on a journey to this unique attraction, which today has become the centre for craftsmen and greets guests with bright and distinctive folk festivals.

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