Mazlumkhan Mausoleum

Mazlumkhan Mausoleum — photo 1

The Mazlumkhan Mausoleum is a significant place of interest of Karakalpakstan which is half-submerged into the ground. The main part of the construction is underground, and several staircases lead to it, and only the dome and the portal rise above the surface.

The main hall has several alcoves and an arch decorated with elegant beautiful pattern. The archway leads to the small hall. The building’s dome is octagonal and is covered with the sky-blue paint. The attraction was constructed approximately in the 12th century.

While observing the building, one can think that it used to be completely above the ground and then greatly sunk, but actually the idea of the mausoleum was just like that. A certain sad legend is related to it.

The Khwarasm khan decided to build something grandiose and beautiful to be associated with his name later. He sent riders to search for masters able to surprise the ruler with their skills.

A young man who promised to build the most beautiful building appeared seemingly out of nowhere. The young architect worked day and night, making the building’s walls higher and higher without stopping, because the work carried him away this much. But once a short moment made him forget about his creation, for he saw a charming girl.

The young man fell in love with her at first sight, but he could not gain her love. It was the proud daughter of the ruler named Khansulu, who shunned the young man every time and ignored all his love confessions.

One day the girl, wishing to have fun, told the young man that she would love him if he jumps off the walls of the building he constructed. Without skipping a beat, the young man jumped off and fell to his death. At this very second the girl understood the whole power of live for which the man was ready to do anything. Having not coped with the remorse of conscience for what she did, the girl also put the end to her life.

Mazlumkhan Mausoleum — photo 2

This may be just a beautiful and insightful legend, but the body of that very girl is indeed buried in the mausoleum. This was the first burial site which then turned into a necropolis. Two more burial sites were found in the underground hall. Time had no mercy to the mausoleum, for its roof and walls partly collapse. Later the new building and the complex of the accompanying constructions were built over it.

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