Indoor bazaars and bathhouses

Indoor bazaars and bathhouses — photo 1

The Central Market of beautiful Bukhara with its majestic domes that is clearly visible against the background of the blue sky speaks about the past of this ancient city louder than words. In times gone by, the place under these domes was full of life; there was a real city within the city with a mosque and a teahouse, a caravanserai and a bathhouse under each of the five trading domes.

Four centuries ago, when they were constructed by the order of the Sheibanid rulers of Bukhara, caravans from distant countries began to arrive to the city located at the crossroads of the Great Silk Road, the capital of the great state. All kinds of outlandish goods could be found and bought there! Centuries ago, the residents and guests of the city located in the middle of the sandy sea were just dazzled by the variety of goods sold under the domes. Time turned out to be merciless to two of them. The rows near the majestic Ark Fortress where arms and grain were being sold are gone. Three domes managed to preserve their former splendor that fascinates travelers coming to Bukhara on vacation.

One of them, Toki Zargaron, greets guests with the glitter of gold, silver and other precious metals these lands have always been rich in. In the hands of craftsmen, they got a graceful from, were decorated with precious stones brought from distant countries — Iran, India, Kuhistani Badakhshan — and accentuated the natural beauty of the girls born on those land.

Indoor bazaars and bathhouses — photo 2

People who visited the rows were impressed not only by the rich choice of jewelry, but also of hats, which were a real salvation from the hot sun and an integral part of the clothing of righteous Muslims. There was a special dome for them — Toki-Telpak-Furushon, “The dome of hats”. There one could buy both winter fur hats made of fur of astrakhan that was common in the region and light silk skullcaps.

Toki Sarrafon, whose title in Persian means “The dome of moneychangers”, has also survived. In the old days, merchants and traders who arrived to Bukhara from neighboring khanates, as well as from Iran and Afghanistan, the Celestial Empire and other countries, exchanged currency there among themselves. Today the dome that has preserved its ancient features is turned into an outstanding visitor attraction of Bukhara. Here travelers can buy souvenirs and antiques or popular craftwork items that will always remind them of this amazing city full of the spirit of old times.

Canaan Travel invites all travelers to feel the spirit of the ancient city that cannot be understood if you have not seen its majestic beauty.

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