Furkat Recreation Park

Furkat Recreation Park — photo 1

The Furkat Recreation Park located near the UzElectroApparat Tashkent Plant. It’s a small park. However, a huge amount of places of entertainment are concentrated on its territory. In addition to numerous simple and fun carousels for children, the park also has extreme attractions.

Furkat Recreation Park — photo 2

The park is named after Zokirjon Xolmuhammad, the Uzbek poet and publicist of the late 19th -early 20th centuries, better known by his pen name Furqat which means “separation”. Furqat traveled a lot and, having left his native Kokand, visited Turkey, Greece, India, China and other countries. He lived in Tashkent for only two years, but during this time he wrote a lot of gazelle poems, which later became favorite among public. As a recognition of the love of readers, his works were put to music and gained the status of folk songs.

The park has a paintball range with excellent instructors, equipment and outfits. There is also an ice rink covered with real ice. It does not work in summer, but with the onset of coolness ice rink opens its doors to visitors. Young skaters also train here. Right from the territory of Furqat Park there is an entrance to one of the most favorite Limpopo children waterparks in the city with many interesting slides and water attractions. There are four swimming pools for adults and children. The latter ones are distinguished by a large number of bright slides for people of different ages.

Furkat Recreation Park — photo 3

There is a mini-zoo on the territory of the park, which contains various types of rare birds, small animals and reptiles (snakes, lizards, and many others). This will be very interesting for children studying the world around them and its inhabitants. Optionally you can take animal into care, which grant you possibility to visit the zoo for free. Radio-controlled cars for children are driven around the park, there is also a small go-cart track for those who love high-speed. The park works daily.

There is a place for catering outlets on the territory of the park, where you can eat delicious food and take your favorite drink with you. Refrigerators with ice cream are placed throughout the whole territory of the park, pleasing children and simplifying the life of their parents.

A charity work of the park is its distinctive feature. Part of the park profits transferred to orphanages and funds for the support of people with disabilities. Besides, on June 1, on the International Children’s Day, the city administration holds entertainment events here for children from disadvantaged families.

International exhibitions and various festivals are often held in the park, which makes it a special attraction of Tashkent.

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