Eco Park

Eco Park — photo 1

Eco Park is a completely new phenomenon for Tashkent. There are no carousels, “trains” and “horses” in this place – this is a modern park for those who appreciate an active lifestyle, sports and self-improvement. On an area of​ 12 hectares, there seamlessly placed everything for a healthy lifestyle and sports. Two roads lead to the park: from the side of such an attraction as the Church, and from the side of the C-1 residential area. Throughout the park, a path stretches from the entrance itself, divided into running and cycling paths. There is a lake in the center of the park, and in the center of the lake in turn there is an island on which a tent for events, various activities and meetings is erected. Not far from it, there is a cafe where you can eat healthy and delicious food.

The park has a tennis field, which regularly hosts local competitions. Also recently, an Archer Tag field for archery lovers appeared here. There is also a yoga area. Master classes for beginners and experienced followers often carried out there. Besides, the park could not do without a quite spacious football field, because football is very popular in Uzbekistan. The volleyball court is also large.

Eco Park — photo 2

There are benches, trainers and sports equipment throughout the park. Here you can hire a coach who will train you on a regular or one-time basis. Cleanliness and order in the park are maintained properly. It is calm at any time of the year, there is no noisy music or smoke from barbecue. However, different events are held on the territory of the park from time to time, and in such moments the park is filled with live music and loud voices of the presenters.

A pleasant feature of the park is the abundance of trees that save visitors from the heat during the summer days.

The main feature of Eco Park is the presence of playgrounds without trivial swings and carousels. There is a huge number of special slides, rope towns and simulators for the youngest visitors that allow children to correctly and actively develop themselfes even at such a young age, following the example of parents into sports. Also there are children clubs organized on a constant base, where kids can study with teachers in Montessori techniques, play magnetic construction toys, developing cards and lotto. This is an excellent opportunity for parents to find out what their child likes to buy this game home. The entrance to the park is free, you only have to pay for individual sites.

If you like outdoor activities, Canaan Travel will definitely recommend you to visit Eco Park during your vacation.

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