Bolo Hauz pond

Bolo Hauz pond — photo 1

The pond of Bolo Hauz, whose waters three centuries ago reflected the beauty of the mosque called by people the Forty Column Mosque and its candle-shaped minaret, became for the residents of Bukhara, the pearl of the Orient hidden in hot sands, a heaven-sent source of fresh water. The life-giving crystal clear liquid since the dawn of time was deeply respected here as a basic essential necessary for the existence of the region and fertility of its land.

To preserve it in the oasis warmed by the hot rays of the sun, people used hauzes — rectangular reservoirs with water near which dervishes — wandering travelers, permanent rovers — always could have a rest. Having quenched their thirst in that place, they used to speak the words of gratitude to the Almighty God for giving them life, peace and consolation. To make their prayers heard in heaven, local masters built mosques near reservoirs by the order of ruling emirs.

Out of the 11 reservoirs constructed long ago on the ancient land of Bukhara only two have preserved their beauty until now — Bolo Hauz and Labi Hauz. The incredibly beautiful Bolo Hauz ensemble — a pond lined with stone — just like a mirror reflects ancient traditions of oriental architecture with its grace and unique charm.

Travelers from around the globe who strive to visit magical Bukhara spend a lot of time standing near the emerald turquoise surface of Bolo-Hauz and enjoying its coolness. In these moments, it seems that time boundaries are gone, and the visitors, following the guide, take a stroll through history. In those distant times, there were people who monitored the purity of water in Bolo Hauz that was located in the historical centre of the beautiful city, on the majestic Registan Square, and delivered it in special leather bags to houses for a fee.

The Bolo Hauz reservoir has seen a great deal in its time. There were times when it was completely drained. Today here, just like centuries ago, travelers see their reflection on the clear water surface and enjoy the beauty of this attraction- mosque with the same name that is also reflected in water. Even though the reservoir has lost its original function — to quench the thirst of wanderers and residents of the ancient eastern city — this does not make it less beautiful and charming.

Canaan Travel invites guests and residents of Uzbekistan to feel the spirit of this ancient place, which, like many others, serves as the decoration of fabulous peri Bukhara.

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