Arab Muhammad Khan Madrassah

Arab Muhammad Khan Madrassah — photo 1

Arab Muhammad Khan Madrassah is one of your oldest buildings, oh wonderful Khiva. And the history of its construction began with one significant event.

When Arab Muhammad Khan ruled Khorezm, he decided to take the title of the capital from Urgench and give it to you, oh wonderful Khiva. By that time, there were remarkable buildings on your land: mosques, madrassahs, and other attractions. But Arab Muhammad Khan decided to celebrate the transfer of the capital by constructing a new building.

So, the construction of Arab Muhammad Khan Madrassah started in the very center of the city in 1616.

The plot of land chosen for construction was already occupied by a small madrassah, which belonged to a wealthy resident. Arab Muhammad honestly bought the building and the land, and constructed a new luxurious and massive building instead.

Arab Muhammad Khan Madrassah — photo 2

The traditional rectangular form of the yard, a one-story row of hujras for students, small minarets in the corners – that’s what the new madrassah has become. Above the portal entrance, according to a well-established tradition, there is a quote from the Quran. Later the building was repeatedly restored or completed.

As a result, the second floor with hujras appeared, and during the reign of Allakulikhan, the building was rebuilt in accordance with new architectural trends. The entry portal has also been slightly modified. Carved columns have been preserved, and in some places you can see elements of the ancient ceiling. In general, it looks like a strict building with clear forms.

Arab Muhammad Khan should be commended for bringing the Khorezm Khanate out of decline during his reign. At that time, regular attacks of hordes of Kazakhs and Kalmyks brought Khorezm to the edge. At the very beginning of his reign, the Khan managed to repel the troops under the command of experienced warlords, thus restoring the respect of his neighbors. But he did not return the former luxury to Urgench, and instead declared you, Khiva, the new capital.

Arab Muhammad Khan Madrassah — photo 3

The construction of the madrassah began a new round of development of your architecture, oh wonderful Khiva. In addition to the madrassah, the Khan built many mosques and municipal buildings, many of which have survived to this day. Under his rule, you, Khiva, became so beautiful that you can compete for the title of the most beautiful city in Central Asia on a par with Samarkand or Bukhara. Despite the many architectural masterpieces, the madrassah is one of the most popular places among visitors. After all, this is where the new history of this miraculous city began.

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