Amir Temur Square

Amir Temur Square — photo 1

In the center of modern Tashkent there is a square named after Amir Timur, better known as Tamerlan, the first and very important commander of the great Temurid dynasty. The square, as well as many other historical monuments of Tashkent, was erected in 1882 at the request of the Tashkent Governor-General. Over the 5 decades of the new history of Uzbekistan, the square has repeatedly changed its appearance.

Originally, it was a city park for residents of the Uzbek capital.

However, if you delve into a distant history, you can find out that this place was once the center of the intersection of the four roads of the Great Silk Road, which passed from the oldest Chinese city of Chang’an through the territory of modern Tashkent to Kokand and beyond.

A monument corresponding to the reign of a certain dynasty has been located in the center of this park throughout all time of its existence. Along with this monument, the name of the square has also been changed. In 1994, the square received its current name, Amir Temur Square, and its center was decorated with a monument to Amir Timur, the great commander and the outstanding ruler of the Timurid dynasty of the ancient Middle Ages.

First of all, the world knows Tamerlan as a powerful commander who defeated the Golden Horde and the Ottoman Empire, but in Uzbekistan people also honor him for his outstanding leadership qualities and a huge contribution to culture and science of both Central Asia and the whole world. Many architectural monuments, that attract visitors around the world today, were built precisely under the reign of Amir Temur. That’s why the statue of the great ruler symbolizes the power and wisdom, qualities that the East was famous for from ancient times.

Sculptor Ilkhom Jabbarov became the author of the unique work of art. Amir Timur’s credo “Power in Justice” is carved on the monument. The design of the square represents 8 main streets leading to all corners of the city. In 2009, the square acquired the appearance of a spacious and beautiful square, where families, couples and friends can walk today

This attraction is not like other interesting places of the city, it is a large promenade area created especially for outdoor activities. A small cozy park across the street from Square itself is a favorite place for photo sessions among honeymooners. For the entertainment you can go to the nearby Broadway.

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