Alisher Navoi Theater

Alisher Navoi Theater — photo 1

In the center of Tashkent, near Amir Temur Square and chimes, there is the Alisher Navoi Theater, one of the few large-scale cultural and entertainment facilities in the entire Central Asia. This is State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater.

The history of the site dates back to the middle of 1939. Higher authorities in the government of Uzbekistan have set the goal of creating the main cultural symbol of the country because of the rise of the national heritage of Uzbekistan. Consequently, the construction of the theater began in the first half of the 20th century.

For the creation of the project, it was decided to announce an international grand, it was attended by a huge number of architects, who presented many interesting projects. But the most interesting project for the leadership of Uzbekistan was the one by architect A.V. Shchusev.

Regrettably, the construction had to be temporarily stopped due to the hostilities in 1942. And the construction process was resumed only two years later. In recent years, Japanese military personnel who have been captured have been sent to erect this attraction.

In 1945, the institution met its first audience. Chief Architect A.V. Shchusev installed a fountain at the main entrance to the theater, which looks great in combination with the majestic construction. In 2010, it was decided to modernize and improve the fountain, and the lighting and music equipment were built into it.

To this day, this colorful musical performance gathers enthusiastic spectators around it. Raising public interest in national and world culture, the theater named after Alisher Navoi continues its journey to its goal and starts proving its importance in world culture.

The main actors tour the world, participate in national events dedicated to the art of theater. During the period of the theater’s existence, countless famous actors, conductors, ballet and opera artists have performed here.

The theater’s repertoire includes, for the most part, world classics. All kinds of performances and festivals of foreign artists are also held here.

Canaan Travel team is sure that there is no better place for visit the cultural place and no theater is more important for Uzbekistan than the Alisher Navoi State Theater.

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