Alauddin Mausoleum

Alauddin Mausoleum — photo 1

Amazing Khiva, you attract wanderers from all over the world, and you are never tired of chaining their attention to you. Your entire historical center is recognized as a world heritage by UNESCO.

You are famous for your historical monuments, and each of your attractions is beautiful in its own way.

The building of Alauddin Mausoleum, which is located on your land, is built of bricks. The Mausoleum was the last resting place of Sheikh Said Allauddin, a revered man in his time. He was a preacher of Islam and was known throughout the East. His life ended in 1303. It is believed that he is a relative of the Prophet Muhammad himself.

The structure is so ancient that it was partly buried under several cultural layers.

There is no accurate information about the beginning of construction of the attraction, and historians’ versions vary. Architecturally, the Mausoleum absorbed the traditions of architecture of different eras and directions. There is only speculation that construction began in the middle of the XIV century, and there is some indirect evidence.

For example, in the funeral room, you can find a lot of rows with cells in the form of sails, which is typical for Khorezm, and the tombstone is made in the traditions of Khorezm architects of the XIV century. The tombstone was decorated with maiolica.

Later, by order of your ruler Allakulikhan, oh wonderful Khiva, a memorial complex was added to the mausoleum, ziyoratkhona, and the entrance was moved to the north side. The entrance is made in the form of a portal.

In the first half of XIX century, the mausoleum underwent restoration. The floor inside the building was laid out with square bricks, which is traditional for Khiva, and the walls were covered with carved gypsum.

The contrast between a bright tombstone and a faded decoration is so great that there is even the assumption that it was transported here from somewhere else, but it is quite unlikely.

Despite the simplicity, even an ascetic type of the building, this place is extremely popular in the Islamic world and every year pilgrims are drawn to this place not only from Uzbekistan, but also from other Asian countries.

Canaan Travel invites travelers from all over the world to visit Khiva, a real monumental city and an open-air museum. Vacation here will help you feel like you are a part of the Oriental fairy tale and touch the history of ancient peoples and civilizations.

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