Aidarkul lake

Aidarkul lake — photo 1

Aidarkul is an artificial drainless lake which appeared near Nurata in 1969. The dam of Shardarinsk Hydroelectric Power Station appeared to be unable to hold the raised water level in the Syrdarya River, and the water was transported in the lowland. The water supplies the lake each year, therefore its area constantly grows.

Nowadays the lake has already merged with several lakes of the Arnasay system. The salt content in the lake is a bit higher than in the river water as the lake is drainless. Its mineralization insignificantly increases every year.

The size of the lake is impressive: its area is about 4 thousand square kilometers and its depth reaches 34 meters in certain places. Aidarkul is exceeded in size only by the Aral Sea, but, judging by the unfavorable forecasts of the ecologists, soon the Aral Sea will yield the palm. Alas, despite all efforts, the Aral Sea keeps shrinking.

The location of the attraction is unusual as well: it spreads over the edge of the Kyzylkum desert. Its shore line is sometimes represented with hills, but it is mostly plains.

Aidarkul lake — photo 2

Fishing is very popular at Aidarkul because more than ten species of fish live here and there are no undercurrents. Many birds that used to inhabit the outskirts of the Aral Seal moved here, like black storks, pink pelicans, ducks, etc.

The way down to the water is very low along most of the shore. One has to walk far into the water to take a free dip. Therefore, it will be difficult to go fishing in this place without having a motorboat with high-power engine, because you will have to swim a couple of kilometers from the shore.

And fishing at Aidarkul is really worth such preparations. This is a pleasant and beautiful place where you can put down for some delightful rest while waiting for fish rising. Though someone may state that having a good rest in a motorboat is impossible, keen fishermen will never exchange this time for any resorts.

There is plenty of fish to feast:

  • breams;
  • catfishes;
  • asps;
  • pike-perches;
  • razorfish;
  • snakeheads;
  • carps.

Local residents live far from the shore and move closer to the water during the spring and summer season, living in yurts. Motorboats, fishing tackles, and accommodation in comfortable yurts with sockets and television sets are offered to tourists. Another popular entertainment is camel riding.

Aidarkul is a picturesque site. Photos made here will become the center pieces of any photo album. Canaan Travel invites all the residents and guests of Uzbekistan to visit this manmade wonder of nature in the middle of the desert, this giant oasis providing coolness to everybody.

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