MICE business tourism

Business tourism in Uzbekistan

The life of a modern man is inseparably connected with his professional activity.  Therefore, a modern person learns to rest not only from work but also during work. Corporate holidays have long become a tradition in many teams, but now MICE tours are gaining popularity in the world.

MICE is business tourism, which stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events. Simply put, it is a tourism direction, when a team of employees goes on a business trip to negotiations or an event, on the success of which business development depends.

MICE tourism in Uzbekistan is currently actively developing. This is facilitated by the tourist potential of the country as a whole, since the organization of business tours to historical sights and cities with ancient history helps to know the current or potential partners much better.

Features of business tourism

Business tours in general are extremely useful for informal communication. And in Uzbekistan, there are huge opportunities for this purpose:

  • many culturally significant sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List;
  • unique nature reserves;
  • colorful mountain, urban and desert landscapes;
  • comfortable hotels;
  • gastronomic abundance of Uzbek cuisine.

Often a large contract or the start of a large joint project may depend on a single meeting. It is therefore crucial to make the right impression on potential partners and make sure that they are the right fit for you.

Scenarios for business tourism

We love tourism and tourists, so we are happy to organize your business trip. Here are some scenarios of how you can spend time before important negotiations.

We help you to relax before the meeting

Travel is exhausting, and the anxious feeling before an important meeting prevents you from relaxing and resting after a long journey. We know how to have a good time and relax.

We will do a special excursion to the hammam Bozori Cord, which was built in the distant XIV century. The local bath traditions have been known for over 600 years. Peeling, massages, body stretches… Going to the bathhouse will help relieve stress and distract from the upcoming meeting.

You will be energized and prepared for business negotiations

Not having the courage and the fighting spirit? Then we will build Yurta, a medieval nomadic dwelling, which saves from heavy rains, red-hot sun and winter winds.

They say it’s easy to build it, but is it really? We will arrange a real meeting with the nomads who will provide instruction and help build the shelter. During the event, you will be able to concentrate, believe in your own strength and be charged with positive energy.

We help to build trust between the parties to the business meeting

No, we do not use potions, we do not perform rituals. We’ll just give you a game of paintball in the mountains. Firstly, the mountain air and unusual location will inspire you and get rid of anxious thoughts, and secondly, we will form teams so that you play not against each other, but on the same side with business partners.

A team game will increase trust between you, and during the meeting you will not be nervous and feel uncomfortable.

Canaan Travel offers you a full range of MICE services. We will make sure that your business meeting is as productive as possible and in a friendly team environment.

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